NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results 1/4/16

New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results
Janaury 4, 2016
Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Dome)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Matt Striker, Yoshi Tatsu
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Jado won the New Japan Rumble in the pre-show, last eliminating Ryusuke Taguchi. Involved in the battle royal were Jushin Liger, Cheeseburger, Kazushi Sakaruba, The Great Kabuki, Shiro Koshinaka, Tiger Mask IV, Captain New Japan, Mascara Dorada, Manabu Nakanishi, Hiro Saito, YOSHI-HASHI, Satoshi Kojima, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata, King Haku and Yoshiaki Fujiwara.

1. IWGP Jr. Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks def. Matt Sydal & Ricochet, RPG Vice & reDRagon (c’s) to win the titles when they pinned Romero with More Bang for your Buck.

2. To crown the first NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes & Toru Yano def. The Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale & Yujiro Takahashi) to become the first champions when The Briscoes pinned Tonga with the Doomsday Device.

ROH World Title: “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal (c) w/Truth Martini vs. #BigMike Michael Elgin

Elgin in control early, with a 30-second delayed suplex and a one-arm press slam. Elgin avoids interference by Martini, but that allows Lethal to hit a triangle dropkick and a tope suicida to gain control. Elgin barely back in before the 20 count. Lethal gets 2. Lethal mocks Elgin. Hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo by Lethal for 2. Camel Clutch applied. Elgin gets free, driving Lethal into the corner. Elgin flapjacks Lethal down to counter a Tornado DDT. Elgin catches Lethal on a charge, Overhead Belly-to-Belly. Two running forearms, scoop slam, slingshot splash by Elgin. Powerslam, Deadlift German by Elgin for 2. Neverending Story by Elgin, Lethal comes back with an enziguri, Lethal Combination connects. Lethal up top, Hail to the King for 2. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection, Elgin avoids it, Rolling Germans, then turns Lethal inside out with a Lariat. Lethal to the apron, Elgin grabs him from the middle rope and MICHAEL ELGIN IS A F’ING MACHINE!!! DEADLIFT SUPER FALCON ARROW, LETHAL KICKS OUT! Buckle Bomb, Martini gets on the apron, Elgin nails him with a backfist! Lethal nails Elgin with the Book of Truth to counter another Buckle Bomb!


Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

Lethal & Martini celebrate his title retention afterwards.

IWGP Jr. Title: “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c) vs. “The Time-Splitter” KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA comes out with Ryusuke Taguchi, who is dressed up as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movie series. Young Bucks & Omega triple superkick Taguchi & KUSHIDA before the bell. Omega with a dropkick to the knees, followed by spitting on KUSHIDA.
Omega misses a charge, KUSHIDA with his own dropkick to the knees, followed by a cartwheel dropkick. Bucks knocked off the apron, Omega sprays hairspray in KUSHIDA’s eyes. KUSHIDA comes back with a baseball slide, then leaps off the apron, but Matt Jackson nails KUSHIDA with Omega’s trash can! Finlay Roll by Omega on the floor, then he springs off the barricade and hits a trash can-assisted moonsault!

Backbreaker by Omega, Bucks play drums on the trash cans. Flip dive by Omega wipes out KUSHIDA outside! Omega gets 2. Omega throws a wad of paper at KUSHIDA, KUSHIDA fights back, but Omega slaps him. KUSHIDA blocks a suplex, then gets out with a knee strike, followed by a Pele. Enziguri from the apron, springboard tomahawk chops, arm kicks by KUSHIDA. Handspring back elbow, tilt-a-whirl takedown into the Hoverboard Lock, but Omega quickly gets to the ropes. KUSHIDA continues to work over the arm, Omega comes back with a chop to the throat, then one to the back. KUSHIDA with the Double Koppo Kick, sending Omega outside. KUSHIDA up top, somersault senton wipes out Omega outside!

KUSHIDA dropkicks Omega coming back in, Top Rope Moonsault gets 2. Armbar applied, Omega gets out and suplexes KUSHIDA to get free. They head up top, KUSHIDA blocks a superplex, Kimura on the ropes, then a Super Divorce Court! KUSHIDA back to the arm, blocking an Omega suplex. Big boot by Omega, KUSHIDA blocks the Bicycle Knee, FASTBALL PUNCH! KUSHIDA up top, Omega rolls out of the way from the Midnight Special! We see a knot in the arm of Omega as KUSHIDA with more shots to the arm. Omega catches another handspring back elbow, CROYT’S WRATH!! 1-2…KUSHIDA KICKS OUT!! HOVERBOARD LOCK BACK IN!!! Bucks try to pull Omega to the ropes, but Taguchi comes back out and nails the Bucks with the trash cans! Omega lifts up KUSHIDA from the hold, KUSHIDA gets out of the One Winged Angel, discus forearm, Omega comes back with the Bicycle Knee! ONE-ARMED SIT-OUT POWERBOMB BY OMEGA!! 1-2…KUSHIDA KICKS OUT!! OMEGA CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Another Bicycle Knee by Omega.

Omega goes for the One Winged Angel again, KUSHIDA counters with an inside cradle! 1-2-3! NEW CHAMPION!!

Winner and NEW IWGP Jr. Champion: “The Time-Splitter” KUSHIDA by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

KUSHIDA celebrates his title win, while Omega is upset about the loss.

IWGP Tag Team Titles: Gallows & Gun (“The Outlaw” Doc Gallows & “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson) (c’s) w/”The Bullet Babe” Amber O’Neal vs. Great Bash Heel (“The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma)

Amber O’Neal comes out wearing the NWA Women’s Title, which she won last month from former TNA star, Santana Garrett. Anderson & Honma start. Anderson on the attack early. Honma fights back, back elbow, scoop slam, Anderson avoids the Falling Kokeshi. Gallows in, gut shots in the corner, followed by a big throat thrust. Anderson in, scoop slam, mocks Honma, Honma avoids the running back senton. Makabe in, shots to both of Gallows & Gun. Corner clothesline, 10 punches, Anderson stops Northern Lights. Makabe comes back with a tackle. Jawbreaker by Honma to Gallows, double clothesline by GBH. Gallows sends Makabe into the barricade, Anderson does the same to Honma. Gallows wraps his arm with Makabe’s chain, clotheslines him with it!

Another throat thrust by Gallows, Anderson takes control on Makabe. Makabe favoring his jaw, which he has had long-standing issues with. Right hands by Anderson, taunting the crowd. Gallows in, more shots to the injured jaw of Makabe. Another throat thrust, Honm knocked off the apron, Bicycle Kick by Anderson for 2. Anderson gets 2 more nearfalls as Makabe refuses to stay down. Ref checks on Makabe, Anderson kicks him away. Makabe gets out of a TKO, big clothesline knocks down Anderson.

Honma in, shots to both of Gallows & Gun, slams to both of them. Falling Kokeshi to Anderson! Anderson comes back with a boot, Honma fires up, but Gallows trips him up! Step-Up Kick by Anderson, avalanche by Gallows, reverse 3-D by Gallows & Gun for 2. Flapjack/Flying Kick combo, Makabe breaks up the pin. Running TKO by Anderson to Honma for 2. Gallows & Gun go for the Magic Killer, but Makabe breaks it up. Clothesline sends Gallows outside. Flying Kokeshi by Honma to Anderson! Scoop slam, Honma heads up top, but Gallows stops him. Anderson heads up with Honma, Honma slips out of a Super Gun Stun, but Anderson with a Running Liger Bomb, Honma kicks out! Anderson is getting mad. Anderson goes for the Gun Stun, Honma blocks it twice. Anderson with an uppercut, Standing Kokeshi by Honma! Makabe & Gallows in, clotheslines by Makabe, Gallows doesn’t go down. Superkick, Gallows Pole by Gallows, Makabe kicks out! Gallows & Gun with shots to Makabe, double clothesline by Makabe! Makabe & Gallows clothesline each other twice, Gallows flips him off, big clothesline by Makabe! Makabe wakes up Honma, flying Kokeshi to Anderson! Makabe lifts up Anderson, DOOMSDAY KOKESHI!! Honma slams Gallows, heads up top.


Winners and NEW IWGP Tag Team Champions: Great Bash Heel by pinfall (Kokeshi/King Kong Knee Drop combo)

GBH celebrate their title win afterwards as Honma is in tears.

Video package highlighting upcoming New Japan dates, including New Beginning and ROH Honor Rising shows in February, New Japan Cup in March, Invasion Attack in April, Dontaku in May, Best of the Super Juniors & Dominion in June and the G-1 Climax 26 beginning on July 18, running until August 14, with the final 3 shows from August 12-August 14 at Sumo Hall. 

Grudge Match: “El Ingobernable” Tetsuya Naito w/BUSHI & EVIL vs. “Samurai Warrior” Hirooki Goto

Naito & Los Ingobernables do their usual ridculously long entrance, with Naito coming out in a white suit with a weird lion-esque mask. EVIL & BUSHI attack Goto before the bell, allowing Naito to take control early. Goto comes back with tackles and kicks, sending Naito outside. Naito continues to run from Goto, allowing EVIL to send Goto into the barricade. BUSHI lays waste to Captain New Japan outside. EVIL wraps a chair around Goto’s neck, nails him with another chair! Naito grabs the timekeeper’s table from behind the barricade and brings it to ringside. They go to the apron, NECKBREAKER BY NAITO SENDS GOTO THROUGH THE TABLE! Naito poses in the ring.

EVIL sends Goto back in. Headscissors by Naito working over the injured neck. Goto to the ropes. Naito attacks one of the cameramen. Running basement dropkick by Naito for 2. Naito goes after the ref. Naito spits at Goto. Goto comes back with a clothesline.

Chest kicks by Goto, spinning heel kick in the corner, running bulldog. Saito Suplex for 2. Naito slips out of Ushikoroshi, inverted atomic drop, Flatliner. Naito springs to the top, missile dropkick sends Goto into the corner. Running dropkick/slingshot dropkick combo by Naito in the corner. They head up top and battle on the turnbuckles. Goto with a headbutt and a Super Code Red for 2. Naito again avoids Ushikoroshi, 2 Enizguris, flying forearm, Super Rana for 2. Goto blocks Gloria, strike exchange, this time hits Ushikoroshi. Naito blocks Shouten Kai, sends Goto’s boot into the ref. Goto blocks a low kick, discus clothesline turns Naito inside out! EVIL stops Shouten Kai, BUSHI comes in, accidentally mists EVIL!! Ushikoroshi by Goto to BUSHI! Low kick by Naito, running Jackknife pin, GOTO KICKS OUT!!! GOto blocks Destino, headbutt to the neck of Naito.

SHOUTEN KAI!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “Samurai Warrior” Hirooki Goto by pinfall (Shouten Kai)

Goto celebrates his win after as Naito is helped to the back, sporting a sick smile on his face.

NEVER Title: “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. “The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata

They go right at one another with shots early. Strike exchange, Ishii with the advantage, Shibata comes back with a kitchen sink. Shibata kicks at Ishii, Ishii gets in Shibata’s face, Victim Kick. Shibata gets right up, Ishii sits down and gives his back to Shibata for him to do a Penalty Kick. Shibata does the same, Ishii with another. It becomes a “Your Turn, My Turn” contest of who can give the harder Victim Kick to the other. Shibata wins that with a SICK Victim Kick. Chop exchange, Shibata to a knee, allowing Ishii to hit him harder. Ishii knocks him down, but Shibata KIPS UP and DRILLS Ishii with a forearm! Ishii comes back with a Backdrop Driver. Ishii kicks now at Shibata, followed by a headbutt. Violence Party by Ishii in the corner, Shibata comes back with hard elbows and a big boot. Choke applied, then Shibata switches to the Octopus. Ishii to the ropes. Chest kick, running facewash by Shibata in the corner. More grinding facewashes by Shibata. Shibata now with his own Violence Party, Ishii tells him to give him some more, powering through every shot, backing Shibata into the other corner, then DRILLS him with a big forearm. Ishii now with facewashes of his own and a big forearm. Shibata pops up from the corner, powering through Ishii’s shot, DRILLING Ishii now with a HARD ELBOW! More hard elbows, running corner hestitation dropkick, but Ishii SHRUGS IT OFF and hits a basement clothesline! Shibata then fires up, another dropkick, both men down, WOW!

Neck Lock Suplex by Shibata for 2. Ishii blocks an armbar, but Shibata is able to lock it in, Ishii quickly to the ropes. More kicks by Shibata to Ishii’s arm, Ishii comes back with a forearm. Ishii shrugs off a big boot, hits a clothesline. Clothesline/big boot exchange now between the two, exchange of release Germans, another big boot/clothesline exchange, both men get up, but tumble down to the mat in exhaustion!

More chops by Ishii, chest kicks by Shibata, chops to the throat by Ishii! Powerbomb gets 2. They head up top, Shibata goes for the arm in a Kimura, but Ishii blocks it. Shibata drops the arm across the top rope. Ishii with a headbutt to the back of the neck, heads up top, missile dropkick to the back of the neck, Shibata POPS RIGHT UP!! Clothesline by Ishii, SHIBATA OUT AT 1! Sliding Clothesline by Ishii for 2. Shibata blocks the Vertical Drop Brainbuster, hits a suplex. More forearms by Shibata, front guillotine applied, Ishii gets out. Enziguri by Shibata, then catches an Ishii kick with a clothesline. Death Valley Driver by Shibata for 2. Choke re-applied, Ishii tries to get free, but Shibata keeps it locked in. Ishii to the ropes, chest kick by Shibata. Ishii avoids a PK, Victim Kick by Shibata, Ishii catches the PK, headbutt to the chin of Shibata! Rabbit Lariat, Clothesline, Headbutt by Ishii. Shibata with one of his own. Battering Ram by the two, their heads colliding. Running Dropkick by Shibata, ISHII OUT AT ONE!! Clothesline by Ishii, SHIBATA OUT AT ONE AGAIN!! Another clothesline by Ishii for 2. Shibata with a slap, Enziguri by Ishii, Flying Kick by Shibata, another big chest kick.

PK!!! 1-2-3! NEW CHAMPION!!

Winner and NEW NEVER Champion: “The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata by pinfall (PK)

Shibata celebrates his title win afterwards.

Video package on the Styles-Nakamura match up next.

IWGP Intercontinental Title: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Chain wrestling early, stalemate. Series of exchanges, Styles avoids the Boma Ye, another stalemate. Nakamura rubs his face in Styles’ chest to mess with him, tells him to bring it. Styles makes a gun motion at Nakamura, Nakamura pantomimes eating the bullet and spitting it out, Phenomenal Dropkick by Styles. Styles avoids a looping stomp, Nakamura with a leaping kneedrop and mocks Styles’ gesture. Nakamura sweeps out Styles’ leg on the turnbuckles, Styles crashes down hard on his previously injured back, saying he did it again, but as Nakamura turns his back, Styles was playing possum and nails Nakamura from behind, having a smile on his face.

Styles with a slam and a leaping kneedrop. Bridging Indian Deathlock by Styles, Nakamura to the ropes. Nakamura fights back, but Styles with a forearm. Leaping corner clothesline, Styles continues to have control. Nakamura again fights back, hits a Urnangi Backbreaker. They head outside, Nakamura sends Styles HARD into the barricade. Back in, chest kicks and an enziguri by Nakamura. Vibration Boot by Nakamura in the corner, followed by the Pride knees and a Standing Gourdbuster. Styles avoids the Boma Ye, but Nakamura places Styles across the top rope and hits a running knee to the injured back for 2. Styles avoids another running knee in the corner, springboard forearm connects.

Styles is clutching his injured back and can’t suplex Nakamura. Styles blocks a Nakamura suplex, Snap Suplex into the turnbuckles! Styles goes for the Calf Killer, Nakamura quickly to the ropes. Nakamura comes back with a backstabber and the reverse powerslam. Styles again avoids the Boma-Ye, Calf Killer locked back in! Nakamura rolls through and counters into the cross armbreaker, but Styles gets free. Nakamura avoids Phenomenon, but Styles with a big forearm. Swinging Argentine Bomb by Styles for 2. Nakamura blocks the Styles Clash, Styles avoids again the Boma Ye, 2nd Rope Boma Ye by Nakamura!

Strike exchange, Styles avoids the Superman Forearm, Belly-to-Back Facebuster for 2. Styles with the KENTA Series, Nakamura avoids a shot, Styles avoids an Axe Kick, PELE!! BOMA YE!!! 1-2…STYLES KICKS OUT!!! Styles counters the Landslide with a Crucifix for 2. BOMA YE BY STYLES!! Styles heads up top, 450 SPLASH!!! 1-2…NAKAMURA KICKS OUT!!! Nakamura blocks Bloody Sunday, spinning backfist by Styles, FLYING ARMBAR BY NAKAMURA!! Nakamura traps Styles’ leg in the armbar, switches to a Triangle. Styles to his feet, COUNTERS IT WITH A ONE-ARM STYLES CLASH!! 1-2…NAKAMURA KICKS OUT AGAIN!!

BLOODY SUNDAY!! Styles makes his killshot! Nakamura blocks the Styles Clash, Styles stomps him down. Styles goes for the Styles Clash again, but then brings Nakamura to the corner and heads up top. Styles brings Nakamura up with him and goes for a Super Styles Clash, but Nakamura slips out and hits a head kick. Nakamura lifts up Styles, SUPER LANDSLIDE!! 1-2…STYLES KICKS OUT AGAIN!! BOMA YE TO THE BACK OF STYLES’ HEAD, FOLDING HIM UP!!!


Winner and STILL IWGP Intercontinental Champion: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura (Boma-Ye)

Nakamura & Styles fist-bump after in a sign of respect. Nakamura does his “YEAOH” to celebrate his title retention.

Video package on the main event and the long-standing rivalry between Tanahashi and Okada.

Main Event for the IWGP Title: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada (c) w/Gedo vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi

Okada avoids a slap early, hits a forearm. Okada with another forearm, knocking Tanahashi down. Knee to the ribs, Okada misses a clothesline, forearm by Tanahashi knocks him down. They stare each other down, Tanahashi with a slap. Okada fires away with forearms, followed by a big boot. Chain wrestling ensues, Tanahashi with a kneebreaker and a chop block to Okada’s leg. Tanahashi goes to work on the leg. 2nd Rope Crossbody by Tanahashi, Okada rolls through and goes to Tombstone Tanahashi, but Tanahashi slips out to the apron. Triangle Dropkick by Okada sends Tanahashi flipping hard down to the outside. Tanahashi sent into the barricade, running boot by Okada sends Tanahashi into the front row. Running crossbody over the barricade by Okada wipes out Tanahashi! 

Back in, Okada with a front slam and a senton atomico for 2. Okada takes control. Tanahashi fights back with uppercuts, stops the Corner Too Awesome Dropkick, but Okada avoids the 2nd Rope Senton Bomb. Running corner back elbow by Okada, then spikes Tanahashi with a DDT and kips up. Running Sliding Uppercut by Okada for 2. Stranglehold applied, then Okada switches to a neck vise. Uppercut by Okada, avoids the dropkick to the knees, but Tanahashi avoids the back senton. Tanahashi blocks a flapjack, this time hits the dropkick to the knees.

Back elbows by Tanahashi, Dragon Screw to counter a big boot. Okada rolls outside, Tanahashi heads up top, but Okada stops him with an uppercut. Okada heads up with Tanahashi, Tanahashi blocks a Super Heavy Rain, Dragon Screw in the turnbuckles! Another Dragon Screw by Tanahashi to Okada in the ropes. They head to the apron, SLINGBLADE BY TANAHASHI ON THE APRON!! Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW CROSSBODY WIPES OUT OKADA!! Okada barely back in by the count of 20. Tanahashi with a slam, 2ND ROPE HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE LEG!! Cloverleaf applied, Okada to the ropes. Tanahashi with more shots to the leg, dropkick to it in the corner. Tanahashi slips out of the Emerald Frosion, but Okada rolls through a Sunset Flip and hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee.

Strike exchange, Okada with a front dropkick, followed by three sliding dropkicks for 2. Okada heads up top, Coast-to-Coast Dropkick for another 2. Okada with a slam, then heads back up top, Top Rope Elbow Drop. Okada calls for the Rainmaker. Okada goes for it, Tanahashi avoids it, then counters the Tombstone with a victory roll for 2. Tanahashi goes back to the leg, another Dragon Screw. Tanahashi avoids the Too Awesome Dropkick, another Dragon Screw, back to the Cloverleaf! Okada able to reach the ropes. Okada avoids the Slingblade, Tanahashi avoids Heavy Rain, hits the Suplex Neckbreaker, followed by this time hitting the Slingblade. Tanahashi heads up top, but Okada avoids the High Fly Flow! Tanahashi slips out of the Tombstone, but Okada holds onto the suplex neckbreaker and this time hits the Tombstone! Okada fires up, RAINMAKERRRRRRR!!!! 1-2…..TANAHASHI KICKS OUT!!!

Okada heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2…TANAHASHI KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Tanahashi avoids the Rainmaker again, RAINMAKERRRRRRRRRRR BY TANAHASHI!!!! Tanahashi goes back to the leg with kicks from underneath, then slips out of the Tombstone and counters the Rainmaker with another Slingblade! Dragon by Tanahashi for 2. Tanahashi heads back up top, HIGH FLY FLOW ON THE BACK!!! Tanahashi heads back up top, ANOTHER HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2….OKADA KICKS OUT!!!! Tanahashi heads back up top and leaps off, but Okada counters the High Fly Flow Crossbody with a Too Awesome Dropkick! Tanahashi blocks a German, hits a big slap. Tanahashi off the ropes, ANOTHER TOO AWESOME DROPKICK BY OKADA!! Tanahashi avoids the Rainmaker, High-Angle German by Okada! Tanahashi again stops the Rainmaker with a big slap, but Okada holds onto the wrist! ANOTHER RAINMAKER!!! ANOTHER RAINMAKER!!!


Winner and STILL IWGP Champion: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (Torrential Downpour)

Okada celebrates his win afterward, finally defeating Tanahashi at the Tokyo Dome. Tanahashi is helped to the back. Okada & Gedo cut a promo to close the show, saying to stay tuned, because he is about to show them a “New” New Japan.

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