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On what sets Lucha Underground apart from other promotions

“I decided to join because it was something completely different as a product and a completely different opportunity for myself. The fact that it’s not just lucha, but that there’s storylines and most importantly, there is a reason behind why we jump in the ring and fight who we fight. It gives me more reason to get out there.”

The meaning behind Cero Miedo

“It’s two words that define my life and my lifestyle. It’s a phrase that I wanted to create and keep short. It’s something I identify with personally. I feel deeply connected to it. It’s not just a phrase. It’s a way of a life.”

His violent feud with Vampiro

“Vampiro is someone that’s definitely a marker in my career because meeting such a legend, a world legend really signifies where my career is. Vampiro has taught me a lot and guided me through the process a lot, but even with all that mentorship I still have deep, deep hate for him.

I wanted to know who my master was and Vampiro was at the right place at the right time. I knew that deep down inside, knowing the specific monster he was not only the Lucha Underground world, but the lucha and wrestling world altogether, I knew if I wanted to become that same beast and have that same goal, I needed to face him.”

On potentially going to the WWE

“As far as the monster that is the WWE, I’ve never been approached or met anyone that’s worked with them, but I won’t rule out the opportunity if at any point Lucha Underground stopped existing and they become interested in me. I’m here to work and face anyone I can.”

The impact that Perro Aguayo Jr’s passing had on him

“It was a major, major loss for me because he was my father in many ways in the ring and he did so much for me in Mexico. I’ve made a promise to him and his memory to become the great great, luchador that I know he wanted me to be and to follow the mission that he had for me.