Lucha Underground Results 2/10/16

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 2: “The Hunt is On”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple) 
February 10, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro 
Report by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting King Cuerno defeating Fenix to win the Gift of the Gods Title, Cuerno’s deal with Catrina, Ivelisse unsuccessfully challenging Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Title and Pentagon Jr. breaking Muertes’ arm in the first two episodes of Season 2.

We go inside the Temple as Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show as Mil Muertes looks over the Temple from his perched throne. We go to the opening match.

“The Mighty” Bengala vs. Kobra Moon

This is Kobra’s Lucha Underground in-ring debut. Kobra comes down the steps, walking in a very senseous manner. “Mamacita” chants by the crowd as the bell sounds. Both avoid each other’s shots early until Kobra with a dropkick. Headscissors takedown sends Bengala outside. Baseball slide by Kobra, then she wipes out Bengala with a slingshot rana outside. Kobra slings back in, then greets Bengala coming back in with an axe kick and a running knee. Kobra runs into a boot, two flying headbutts and a spinning heel kick by Bengala for 2. Kobra blocks a suplex by wrapping her legs around Bengala’s. Kobra tries for a sleeper, but Bengala slams her, then rolls through into a basement superkick for 2. Bengala heads up top, but Kobra gets the knees up off a moonsault.

Snake Sleeper (Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors) applied, Bengala taps.

Winner: Kobra Moon by submission (The Snake Sleeper)

We go to Catrina’s office where she meets with Fenix.

Catrina: “I have to admit, I still a tingle of excitement when I feel your presence.”

Fenix: “Give me King Cuerno!”

Catrina: “Are you sure? Even a thousand lives will run out eventually.”

Fenix: “Before that happens, I will destroy King Cuerno, Mil and you!”

Catrina smirks at Fenix as we go to commercial.


We see a vignette, dated “A Millenia Ago”, and hear a child’s voice as they draw out a picture in the dirt.

“The man from the stars has returned.”

We see an Aztec warrior talking with someone.

“The seven tribes are at war. Many lives will be lost. The tribes need to be united. Its the only way to stop what is coming. What is coming?”

We then see Aerostar walk up to a campfire.

“The Gods in the form of man.”

Warrior: “I have seen the prophecy. The Gods will not return for another thousand years.”

Aerostar: “Then, I will have to go there.”

Aerostar then shoots up in the sky and its implied that he is traveling off to thousand years later, which is present-day in Lucha Underground.

We hear the child again.

“He said the tribes must be united, but even with all the hope in my heart, I don’t believe they ever will be.”

Backstage, Catrina walks up to King Cuerno as he is training in the gym.

Catrina: “You took the title, but did not destroy the man.”

Cuerno: “I did exactly what you wanted, your wounded animal is safe from Fenix.”

Catrina: “Wounded or not, the best hunter will fall prey to Mil Muertes.”

Cuerno stands up as Catrina begins walking around him, touching him.

“Besides, we are all on the same side here and I have a much better hunt for you tonight. Kill the Fenix once and for all, in a match you are undefeated in, Last Luchadore Standing. You don’t even have to put your title on the line. All you have to do is make sure that bird never flies again. Do we understand each other?

Cuerno sniffs Catrina.

Cuerno: “The hunt is on.”


“From the Heavens” Jack Evans vs. “The Dragon” Drago

Drago backs Evans into the ropes and breaks clean. Evans complains to the ref. Drago again does so, but Evans nails him with a spin kick. Evans rolls through a sunset flip, but Drago avoids a FK and a standing corkscrew moonsault. Evans avoids a head kick, but Drago with a basement dropkick, sending Evans outside. Evans stews outside and nails Drago from behind back in. Drago fights back with right hands and a big chop. Evans avoids a clothesline and slaps Drago. Evans taunts the crowd, but Drago with a big slap. Evans with another slap and tells Drago to bring it, but Drago with such a slap that Evans spins in the air three times! Drago with a Tiger Flip over Evans and a spinebuster slam. Drago goes for a submission, but Evans bites his hand. Evans with a boot and another spin kick, followed by a Koppo Kick and a kip-up. Evans gets 2. Drago sent off the turnbuckles, then Evans with a double cartwheel into a eye rake in the corner. Crowd chants for Drago. Evans measures his next shot, but Drago alley-oops onto the ropes, then superkicks him as Evans is doubled over on the ropes for 2. Big chop by Drago and a chest kick. Evans takes Drago down by the mask and hits a bunch of double sledges. Crowd again wills on Drago. Drago comes back with a back body drop, rolls underneath Evans and hits a lucha armdrag sending Evans outside. Drago heads up top and wipes out Evans with a crossbody, but it does damage to Drago as well. Back in, Drago with a draping DDT for a close 2. Evans comes back with leg kicks and another spin kick. Drago takes down Evans, La Magistral and a roll-up for two close 2 counts. Drago blocks an Evans kick and hits a running Blockbuster-style DDT, spiking Evans!

Drago goes for the Dragon’s Lair roll-up, but Evans rolls through and does a bridging backslide with his feet on the ropes, to steal the win.

Winner: “From the Heavens” Jack Evans by pinfall (Bridging Backslide w/ropes)

Evans quickly goes outside and snatches the mic from ring announcer Melissa Santos.

“Shut up, let a professional handle this. Out of the way, chumps. (Evans stands on the announcer table.) And your winner, Jack E…….no, no, no, no, I’m a lot more than that. Your winner, Jack ‘The Dragon Slayer’ Evans.”

Drago dares Evans to get back in, while Evans leaves to the ire of the crowd. Drago plays to the crowd as we go to commercial.


We go to a vignette on Texano.

“My name is Texano. I was the youngest and longest AAA Mega Champion. I am a Mexican ass-kicker. I’m proud to be Mexican, but like so many people in my country, I have to fight for everything that is mine. (We see clips of Texano in AAA and in the first season of Lucha Underground.) I come from a Lucha family, but I was given nothing in life. I have worked for everything that I have and I will be damned if anyone is going to take it away for me. (We see Texano on a horse at a farm, breaking wood with his bare hands.) Chavo Guerrero and his thugs have disrespected my country and tried to beat me down like a dog. (We see Blue Demon Jr., Chavo and the Crew lay waste to Texano at Ultima Lucha.) But that wasn’t their biggest mistake. Their biggest mistake was pissing me off. (We see Texano laying waste to slubs in a bar.) When you piss off Texano, you just picked a fight with one mean Mexican. And I promise, I don’t fight fair.”

(We see Texano continue to lay waste to these slubs with his bullrope.)

Texano returns next week.

We go to the bathroom where Prince Puma is deep in thought. We then hear Catrina as she walks in.

“Who do you pray to? God? I recall Konnan praying as the life drained away from him when he was put in that casket. You remember the last words he said? Forgive me. And I wonder if he’s asking God’s forgiveness for the wicked life that he’s left, or for you cuz he’s failed you so miserably. Its too bad, he would have loved to see what you do to Pentagon Jr. next week. Maybe it will be you who makes the sacrifice and not of your master.”

Puma seethes and walks off.

Main Event in a Last Luchadore Standing Match: “The Man of a Thousand Lives” Fenix vs. Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion “The Hunter” King Cuerno

They exchange strikes early. Handspring back elbow by Fenix. Cuerno takes control. Fenix backdrops him outside. Cuerno avoids a dive, sends Fenix into a row of chairs, then into the barricade. Fenix makes a comeback, Hector Garza dive wipes out Cuerno outside. Cuerno gets up, but Fenix with a Spring-Out Hector Garza dive again wiping out Cuerno outside! Cuerno knocks Fenix off the ropes, hits his Arrow Tope Suicida through the corner ropes, wiping out Fenix! Cuerno nails Fenix with a ladder, then props it up against Catrina’s office. Cuerno sets up a table as Fenix climbs the ladder. Cuerno goes up with him, but Fenix kicks him back, sending the ladder timbering down with Cuerno, sending him through the table!

Cuerno cannot answer the 10 count, getting Fenix the win.

Winner: Fenix

Fenix celebrates his win after, then motions to Mil Muertes, implying that he is coming for the Lucha Underground Title.

We close with a vignette inside a police department where a woman, Captain Vasquez, is talking with the former Cortez Castro of the Crew, who in reality was an undercover cop all along, Detective Reyes. Vasquez wants Reyes to go back to the Temple to bring down Dario Cueto for his brother, Mantaza, killing Bael of the Crew in Season 1. Reyes mentions his dealings with Chavo Guerrero, Mr. Cisco and Blue Demon Jr., noting that Demon retired to Miami. In walks in Joey Ryan, who is also an undercover cop, and will be going to the Temple with Reyes to bring down Dario Cueto as the show closes.