The fallout from Angelina Love’s release from TNA Wrestling late last week has continued with even more details coming out regarding her work visa issues. The side of the story from TNA was that her work visa expired, they gave her an opportunity to fix the issue and she didn’t do it. Love’s agent issued a press release on Monday confirming the work visa issues and that she “will be returning to the ring in no time at all” once the issues are cleared.

This is where things get interesting. According to a report by The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter, two separate sources who had prominent roles with WWE in the past said that if this whole situation was really over her visa expiring that it was ridiculous to put the blame on Love since TNA should have paid the money to expedite the legal process. One WWE source added, “The talent had their hand held by us and simply supplied their critical data for the paperwork. They handed that material off to Corporate and WWE Legal [ran] with it. That’s the end of that matter of business for the performer. It’s stress free. Obviously, that ain’t happening with WWE. TNA is a big company and this comes off embarrassing to me. It looks unprofessional and bush league.”

It is interested to note that Canadian work visas can be renewed for one to three years right now, but if you personally try to handle the process yourself without solid legal representation it can be a nightmare. As reported on earlier today, our own Jose Marrero passed on some details regarding work visas and what the penalties are for not renewing at this link. We should stress that no concrete details have been released regarding Love’s actual visa issues so anything that is being discussed in the wrestling media is purely speculation at this point. For what it is worth, has an article at this link looking at Love’s visa status adding, “TNA president Dixie Carter was recently alerted to the problem and potential legal ramifications of employing illegal workers. Williams? contract has been promptly terminated. If investigations ensue, she could be banned from entering the US for ten years and forced to pay back any salary she earned while working without a visa.”

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