As documented yesterday, the agent for former TNA Knockout Angelina Love (Angel Williams) issued a press release to the “pro wrestling media elite” addressing internet reports and speculation regarding her sudden release from TNA. While the release, which you can view at this link, seems to address certain wrestling websites that reported Love was simply cut by TNA for another reason, that has and never was the case. It simply came down to her work visa issues as first reported last Friday. never speculated or even suggested Love was cut from TNA for any other reason then what was first reported last week.’s own Jose Marrero (“Wrestling Rumblings”) has passed on some clarifications regarding work visas and how Love’s current situation could relate to this. Again, we are not suggesting this is the actual situation she is in. Rather we are simply providing the facts of what kind of information is already out there to begin with.

Here is what Jose Marrero sent in:

“I happened to do a little bit of research today that I think all fans of Angel Williams AKA Angelina Love will find particularly interesting in light of comments from her representative that her visa situation is getting worked out.

A H1-B Visa (work visa) is generally valid for three years. After three years have expired the visa can be renewed for an addittional three years regardless of any employer changes.

During the six years that a worker is here on Visa they can go about applying for a green card to attain citzenship, however if they fail to do so and do not obtain a green card and use up there six years on a visa they must return back to there country for a minimum of one year and then at that time can go about reapplying for a visa again.

Angel first came into the states to work in 2004 which would mean she had another year of work left in her visa, assuming there was no discrepancy and she was not already working on a visa in 2003. So this could be what her representative is referring to when he makes mention of the situation being resolved. However if she has been here for six years she will be out of the country and therefore out of mainstream wrestling for a minimum of one year.”

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