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Episode 96: Trading Places with Jim Ross

In this episode the guys talk about how tape trading has evolved into networks and streaming videos! Gone are the days of trading tapes, and here to stay are the apps, networks and streaming ability to enjoy pro wrestling content. The guys also talk about their favorite WWE network shows and what shows they would love to see happen in the future. Stopping by again is WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. He talks to them about his venture with FITE, an app which let’s you enjoy MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, and traditional martial arts. We also talk injuries, Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 32 & a whole lot more


AWP- Do you think there is anyway to fix the injury problem

“Talents are taking to many risks unnecessarily, They’re putting their bodies on the line in very high risk, low reward scenarios. So I think that less is more… be intelligent, tell a story, isolate a body part, utilize legitimate wrestling holds in pro wrestling, but when you’re so independant on your aerial skills which are oftentimes utilized as stop gaps, shortcuts, being lazy, I think as long as guys have that philosophy and they don’t have the in ring skills that they wish they had, so they disguise them by doing a lot of flying stuff and taking an inordinate amount of high risk moves so you crash and burn a lot. night after night or tour after tour, you’re going to have injuries because the body is not made for that sort of treatment. So I think that if talents get back to basic fundamental wrestling telling great stories, sprinkling in the high flying stuff….it will mean more….I got home to see the last hour of RAW live and two things I noticed that in two consecutive matches they set up these choreographed spots where the advisaries were standing on the outside and the one guy did his plancha or topee, suicide dive over the top, their identical moves in there were two back to back matches, I think that’s a lack of attention to detail, I think it’s taking unnecessary shortcuts and quite frankly it’s unimaginative, a little bit lazy in my opinion. I like the flying, I like the aerial, but don’t make me think that oh i already saw that…I just think sometimes these injuries are a byproduct of the style that a lot of the younger guys are using to think that they just die for that “this is awesome”.. they’re working for the pop and not to get over…you gotta keep topping yourself, and the more your keep trying to top yourself the you’re putting your body at risk.”

AWP- What were your thoughts on the recent retirement of Daniel Bryan

“Daniel Bryan is a byproduct of what we just talked about. He put his body through an amazing amount of risk, he went above and beyond trying to do more and more and more for the audience and we see the results. At 34 he’s done…. I hope that guys can understand the journey that this great athlete has been on and…he did so much and it ended up biting him in the keester. I’m just happy that he was wrestling in this generation for WWE because what other kind of company in the world would provide the kind of medical care that WWE has provided Daniel Bryan, he’s seen specialist after specialist, and those are not cheap visits, that the company is more than happy to invest in the health and welfare of their athletes….In previous generations he would have gotten a “That a Boy” he would have felt better and gone right back in the ring. Then you don’t know what would happen there…. I’m happy that he has been able to exit with hopefully no more collateral damage, and that he will live a very viable and productive life…”

Steve Credo & Jonathon Benjamin
Hosts of Another Wrestling Podcast

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