Lucha Underground Results 2/10/16

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 7: “Death Comes in Threes”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple) 
March 9, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro 
Report by: Jason Namako of

Video recap of the Marty the Moth-Sexy Star, Cage-Johnny Mundo, Drago-Jack Evans and Pentagon-Puma-Mil Muertes feuds.

Backstage vignette with the Mack and Sexy Star where Mack says he is gonna beat Marty the Moth tonight so Sexy Star can rid herself of this bug.

Marty the Moth def. The Mack w/Sexy Star by pinfall with a Curb Stomp after Marty’s sister, Mariposa, debuted and distracted Mack, leading to Moth getting the win.

Afterwards, Mariposa knocks down Star, who is freaked out by her appearance.

Vignette on Fenix, saying he will become Lucha Underground champion.

Backstage vignette with Jack Evans and PJ Black attacking Drago with nunchucks until Aerostar returned from back in time, brandishing a glowing set of nunchucks and ran off Evans and Black.

Cage def. Taya Valkyrie w/Johnny Mundo in a No DQ Match by pinfall with Weapon X onto broken glass from a beer bottle. Mundo interfered during this, but was laid out with a curb stomp through a cinder block.

Another vignette on Famous B, saying he’s a retired underground fighter, then introduces a new valet, Brenda, who with his magic touch, turns her from “tore up from the floor up” to beautiful.

Backstage vignette with the Unlikely Trio where Ivelisse tells Son of Havoc and Angelico that she got them a rematch for the Trios Titles against the Disciples of Death, but if they lose, they have to leave Lucha Underground forever.

Main Event in a Triple Threat Match for the Lucha Underground Title: Mil Muertes (c) w/Catrina def. Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. to retain the title by pinfall when he pinned them both after a Double Straight to Hell.

Afterwards, Catrina gives both Pentagon & Puma the Lick of Death. Fenix then appears on the perch looking over top the Temple and cuts a promo saying he is cashing in the Gift of the Gods Title for a Lucha Underground Title shot and he will become the next champion. Fenix & Muertes stare each other down as the show closes.