Interview with Joe E. Legend

Gary Kevany sent this in:

This was conducted through e-mail hence no questions in response to Joe’s answers and the rather linear and to-the-point format. Joe was unfortunately very business while in Ireland hence the timeliness of this interview. Thoght I’d pass it on nevertheless.

(Pre-Interview note: I’ve conducted a few interviews with Joe E. Legend in the past and tried to ask new and relevant (although a given in any interview) questions to the current tour, searching for Joe E. Legend wrestleview or Gary Kevany wrestleview and expanding results on Google will bring up the older articles and interviews for anyone interested)

GK: You wrestle as a heel in several companies yet always get a great reaction in Ireland – what are your thoughts on that?

J.E.L: Simply, I’m booked as a babyface in Ireland and I do my best to give the fans and promoters exactly what they’re paying for. I’m flattered by the positive reaction I get.

G.K: What were your thoughts on the tour overall?

J.E.L: As always, RAMPAGE is a 1st class operation and all of the talent were treated well. Crowds were not as huge as in tours past, but with the economy the way it is, I’m still in awe of the incredible turnouts we still get.

G.K: Was the charity event in Ennis (Ireland) a success?

J.E.L: From what I’m told, it was a decent success and the crowd response was loud enough to reinforce this.

G.K: Thoughts on RVD (professionalism, past, time in ECW, time spent touring together)

J.E.L: I think the world of RVD. Not only as a performer (one of the best out there) but also as a human being. He has a great time doing what he does, but it doesn’t define him as a person. He is more than a wrestler in his life and has found a comfort and balance between personal and professional that few in the industry who have achieved as much as he has have found. He has my utmost respect.

G.K: Thoughts on how TNA are using MCMGs? (Note, Joe was heavily involved in training MCMGs to my knowledge)

J.E.L: I will ALWAYS think the MCMG’s are underutilized!! I’m biased because I trained them, but I truly believe they are the BEST team in the business and if they hold “world” titles 100 times, I’ll still believe they deserve them 101. TNA has a history of dropping the ball with ACTUAL talent in favor of foolish “gimmick” matches and hero worship to ex-WWE guys (I exclude Kurt Angle from this assessment as I think he might just be the best in the world and they’ve pushed him as such, it’s an exception to the rule), so the MCMG’s are not alone in this… but yeah, they could ALWAYS be used better.

G.K: Plans for next year’s tour, if there is one and if anything is planned (I know that’s highly unlikely – ignore if that’s the case)

J.E.L: I don’t know what plans RAMPAGE has in store for us, I just hope to be on with them and my plan is to try and steal the show every night with the best match possible. Not an easy task as they usually bring in some great talent to compete with for THAT title.

G.K: Hopes and aims for the future?

J.E.L: Professionally- Be the best wrestler I can be and make a comfortable living.
Personally- Be the best daddy and role model for my son’s that I can be.

G.K: Best match?

J.E.L: Ever? Me vs Chi Chi Cruz in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada in July/ 1999

G.K: Best opponent?

J.E.L: Too many to whittle down to just one.

G.K: Thoughts on European fans in comparison to American fans – the Europeans get so little live wrestling obviously we don’t take it for granted.

J.E.L: There is tons of wrestling going on in Europe. You just don’t seem to take it for granted the way Americans do and complain ENDLESSLY on line. You just come to enjoy it and THAT makes it so much more fun for us as performers.

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