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He was a TBS regular for years wrestling the likes of Sting, Ric Flair, Brian Pillman, and Dustin Rhodes.

Now Bob Cook, a graduate of the Malenko wrestling school and preliminary mainstay for both the WCW and WWF during the 1990s, shares his candid thoughts on his time in the business and the current state of wrestling.

In a brand new exclusive audio interview with The History of WWE’s Graham Cawthon, Cook opens up about the life of a wrestler that faced off against many of wrestling’s top stars in arenas across the country but never had the spotlight on himself.

Highlights of the 40-minute plus interview include:

– The night he watched Terry Funk on TV and was forever hooked as a wrestling fan

– What legendary manager helped get Cook’s foot in the door working for WCW?

– The process of working WCW TV tapings – What goes on backstage before the show? How do the preliminary wrestlers find out who they’re wrestling and who do they answer to? Can they make enough money to get by as a single job? What travel expenses did WCW cover and which did they not?

– What top name at the time did Cook not want to wrestle and why?

– The night Joe Thurman’s back was broken

– Randy Savage is well known for planning out his matches move by move, but he wasn’t alone. Cook goes into detail about a WCW babyface that did the same and what happened when Bob forgot the next move.

– How a disagreement with a current TNA employee led Cook to quitting WCW

– The differences between working for WCW and the WWF, which paid better, and which had the better working environment?

– What he thinks of wrestling today (it might surprise you) and who he sees as the next big star

All that plus his candid thoughts on Bill Watts, Shawn Michaels, Marc Mero, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Arnold Skaaland, and more!

The interview is available now in its entirety at

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