Jake Roberts on turning around his life, working with snakes

Brady Hicks sent this in.

Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts joined the IN THE ROOM podcast this past Tuesday, March 22, 2016 with Brady Hicks, The Stro (WCW’s Maestro), Kathie Fitzpatrick, and Derrick McDonald. What are Jake’s thoughts on working with snakes – and in particular cobras; never winning WWE championship gold; wrestling everyone from Hulk Hogan to Andre the Giant to Randy Savage; his turnaround with help from DDP; and – of course – the critically acclaimed Resurrection of Jake “The Snake” Roberts documentary?

Tune in to find out. The program is available via vocnation.com or directly at http://thebradyhicks.com/2016/03/in-the-room-with-jake-the-snake-roberts/ 

Quotes courtesy of Mike Bessler and The Inquisitr. For full coverage of the interview, visit here.

His Life’s Turnaround:
I’ve got the world by the tail. And life is so good for me. Even beyond the WWE years … I’ve got the movie going on, the movie is going strong. It’s helped some people, the comedy thing I’m doing, which is me sitting down, having a blast telling old road stories. Everybody loves it. That’s awesome, too because the fans mean so much more to me now that I’m sober and cleaned up.

Working with Snakes:
I was terrified of [snakes], man. It just goes to show me how far I’ll go if you pay me enough.

His Surprising Admiration for “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin:
I will always hold Ronnie Garvin in the highest [regard], strictly because he was the only guy I ever knew who, before he made his comeback, his nipples had to get hard. I respected that. That’s true, by the way. I’d be beatin’ the hell out of him and I’d look down at the mat and he’d be laying there in a pool of blood or whatever and all of the sudden I’d see his nipples start to tweak up. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, here he comes!’ and he’d get up and just whale the s**t out of me.

The Late Andre the Giant:
[Andre] woke me up to some exciting things. He held me down once and farted on me for about 30 seconds, which was incredible, I might add.

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