Ric Flair still hasn’t returned any of the advancement payments owed to Ring of Honor back when he pulled out of his on air role with the company as “ROH Ambassador” last May reports PWInsider. There is also said to be another company where Flair did business with over the last year that is also owed payments as well. While there has been talk of a possible lawsuit, nothing has been filed and it isn’t expected that anything will develop.

As reported on earlier, a recent film deal about Flair’s life didn’t end up happening as his new management team were demanding executive producer credits and even blew off a meeting with the screenwriters hired. The production company that was interested in financing the project decided to drop out as a result of this situation with Flair’s new management team (which isn’t The Gillespie Agency who Flair fired a few weeks ago that had been representing him for some time now).

Flair’s actions as of late has definitely gotten many people talking about how said it is to see his behavior as of late with so many business deals never fully developing. There still remains no interest from WWE to bring him back. As reported on a few months ago, Flair was given an offer by WWE to become the General Manager of Smackdown. However, Flair decided to turn the deal down. Flair’s one-year no compete regarding TNA Wrestling just expired, but Flair has openly stated he has no interest in working for them. One theory is that Flair could be putting all of his future success on his current deal with the North Carolina Lottery (which starts September 22) and that he could be ignoring other deals for the time being.

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