Anthony Anzaldo, the manager of the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, revealed in an interview with E! News this week that the former WWE star had been prescribed drugs prior to her sudden death. The prescription drugs, which were noted as being prescribed legally by a doctor and pharmacists, were for sleeping and anxiety issues.

Anzaldo described Chyna as being very “emotional” the last few months while she was shooting footage for a new documentary about her life. Documentary filmmaker Erick Angra told The Daily Mail that he didn’t believe Chyna was suicidal, but was aware she was using “more of her prescriptions than she should have been or mixing them up.”

WWE has posted a series of clips on YouTube this week focusing on her career.



  1. It’s a good thing Jerry “The King” Lawler came back when he did. I wish he was there to commentate during the Invasion angle.

  2. Oh…now they will make a decision to out her on to the hall of fame….ing wwe admin assholes…RIP Chyna. In heart of the fans, you are already a hall of famer.

  3. Damn. I had a Chyna action figure of her when I was a kid. The one with the purple two piece. And I JUST watched a video of her and Triple H when the cameras go behind the scenes and get candid with her and HHH about their lives as wrestlers. I remember in one of the clips, Chyna said something about one day maybe regretting that she didn’t get to settle down, get married, and have kids because she was on the road a lot. And I just felt bad because she knew that the fame wouldn’t last. That eventually it would all go away. And it just sucks that it kind of came true. But she is still an icon to a lot of people and in the world of professional wrestling. It is just sad that we never really got, like you said, a comeback story for her in the ring again. I wish she and WWE could have smoothed out whatever issues they had and she could have been able to get the recognition like she got when she was in her prime…and when she was still alive to experience it.

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