The Morning Call is reporting that a Judge Kelly L. Banach ruled on Wednesday that WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is not mentally fit to stand trial over the death of his ex-girlfriend Nancy Argentino back in 1983.

Judge Banach listened to four days of expert testimony, arguments from lawyers and questioned Snuka herself in the days before this ruling. According to a report by The Morning Call, this means the case will be stayed for at least six months.

Snuka has been ordered to return to court on December 2 for another review. The process could potentially continue to repeat itself unless Snuka’s mental condition improves or prosecutors make a decision to drop the charges. Judge Banach provided the following comments about the ruling.

“Unfortunately, justice suffers when it’s delayed. I don’t believe he’s faking it. I don’t think he’s smart enough to fake it.”

Snuka was charged last September with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter over the death of Nancy Argentino. Snuka’s wife, Carole, told the judge on Wednesday that her husband’s mental state was so bad that when he was arrested on murder charges last year, he thought he was making an appearance for sports fans.


  1. hes probably punished himself ever since, and I read his book, doesn’t seem intentional. and this court case reminds me of Verne Gagne killing another old man cos he had Alzheimers or something. did he stand trial? honestly never heard if he did or not

  2. Roddy Piper said in one of his interviews on his podcast that he was the new OJ Simpson and Snuka got real mad with him. Also bear in mind he was compus mentus when she died. In many interview talking about him they mention an incident when he is dragging her through a hotel by the hair and the police are called it took 6 officers and a dog to arrest him. She should have got out the day that happens it’s real sad but people seem to stick around.

  3. I don’t see Superfly’s mental condition going anywhere but further downhill from here, so my guess is that the case may just be dropped. At this point, it’d be pointless to send him to jail anyway due to his current state.

  4. violent history only makes him a good suspect, not evidence, whether its happened or not. hes obviously never gonna be fit enough to answer any charges

  5. Verne Gagne was not charged even though the other man’s death was ruled a homicide because he’d been diagnosed with dementia and supposedly lacked the mental capacity to intend harm.

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