Titus O'Neil

Titus O’Neil talks his recent suspension and upcoming US Title match with Rusev

WWE is featuring an interview with Titus O’Neil where he talks about his recent suspension. It is revealed he will challenge Rusev for the WWE United States Championship at the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV on June 19.

New Impact Wrestling personality debuts

McKenzie Mitchell has debuted as a new commentator for TNA this week.


  1. here’s your script, titus, answer the suspension question EXACTLY as it’s written, or this time you’re fired.

  2. attaboy Titus and WWE! Titus might as well just pucker up and give a sincere kiss on McMahon’s rear…… would’ve been a much better storyline to go the way of shooting on the suspension rather than promo a negative into a positive blah that everyone knows is BS…. another missed opportunity to do something creative

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