JTG talks about how Cody Rhodes “played the game” in WWE

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling passed along a recap of former WWE star JTG discussing Cody Rhodes leaving WWE.

“When I was there (Cody) definitely “played the game”. The last couple of years I am not sure what was going on backstage but I could definitely tell by the way he was expressing himself in that release letter and the tweet that he put out that he was definitely going through some of the characteristics that some of the other talents go through when they get frustrated and they are contacting the writers and I spoke about that in my last book “How To Play The Game” and it’s when it’s time to start playing the game there are 10 ways to know because when you start talking to writers and they start ignoring you and dodging and avoiding you backstage and that was happening to Cody and I don’t know how that was happening to Cody because he holds some weight backstage with his father being Dusty Rhodes and his brother is an agent and also a future Hall of Famer, Goldust so I don’t know how the writers were avoiding him. I guess they got told by the “higher-ups” but I don’t know.”

You can check out a clip of the interview below.

Al Snow on life after WWE

Anthony Ambros passed along a clip of former WWE and current TNA star/producer Al Snow talking about Cody Rhodes departing WWE and how he gave advice to other young talent about preparing for life after the company.

TNA partners with Pro Wrestling Tees

TNA Wrestling has partnered with the popular Pro Wrestling Tees website featuring an official merchandise section of exclusive t-shirts including old logos from the Nashville days and the re-branding of Impact Wrestling over the years.