Gypsy Joe

Gypsy Joe passes away at 82 years old

Gypsy Joe (Gilberto Melendez), who was best known as the world’s oldest active professional wrestler, passed away on Wednesday night. Melendez was 82. He is best known for his time in All Japan Pro Wrestling in the 1970s/early 1980s and in Tennessee. Melendez had his foot amputated in 2013 and had been battling serious health issues according to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

Teddy Long responds to critics about RAW appearance

Steve Gerweck passed along an interview with Teddy Long where he talks about his recent appearance on WWE RAW and responding to critics about messing up a line.

Raven on pro wrestling today

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling passed along a recap of former ECW, WCW, WWE and TNA star Raven talking about pro wrestling today and why he no longer watches.

“You know how people always say I don’t watch today’s wrestling. I actually don’t. I stopped watching in 2000 and it was because RAW was so bad at that point and I was so depressed because they weren’t using me worth a crap and it just broke my heart that I stopped watching it. When I got to TNA some of it was good but I was there at the shows so I wasn’t going to go home and watch to see what I missed. I’ve seen a few pay per views over the last ten years but for the most part I have no idea what it really looks like. I will keep up with the business because it is what I do for a living and I have someone who sends me what the basic plot points of what happened on RAW. He kept putting over The New Day and it sounds pretty interesting but I have no idea and if I bumped into them tomorrow at the mall I would have no idea who they are. That’s not an insult it is because I just don’t watch it and don’t have any interest in watching it.”


  1. Well I’m glad to see Teddy Long back in WWE even if his return did fall flat which I blame on the idiot creative staff more than Teddy.
    Holla Holla!!!

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