Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes lands role on “Arrow”

Stephen Amell, the star of “Arrow” on The CW, tweeted out that former WWE star Cody Rhodes would be guest starring on the show starting this fall. Rhodes also issued a tweet about landing a guest starring role on the series. The announcement was also trending on Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

Fake Bobby Heenan Twitter account

WWE Hall of Famer Gene Okerlund issued the following tweet confirming that the Bobby Heenan Twitter account that had been making the rounds in the last week, which Twitter verified, is a fake. Various WWE stars had been retweeting comments from the account. Okerlund also revealed that an account portraying itself as Heenan’s wife was also a fake. Both Twitter accounts are no longer active.

Ric Flair podcast added to MLW Radio Network

MLW Radio Network has announced that Ric Flair’s podcast will now be part of the network airing every Wednesday.


NEW YORK – July 1, 2016 – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair® and the MLW® Radio Network announced today a landmark agreement whereby Flair and co-host Conrad Thompson will return to the podcasting airwaves as part of the MLW Radio Network beginning Wednesday July 6, 2016.

Released each and every Wednesday night, The Ric Flair Show is a weekly podcast series available at, iTunes, Stitcher, and on the TuneIn app.

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“Conrad and I look forward to WOOOOO™ Wednesdays on MLW Radio starting this coming week,” said Flair.

The world-renowned 16-time World Champion is the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and whom many call, “The Greatest Professional Wrestler of All Time.” Known for his iconic WOOOOO™ shout, Ric Flair has transcended the sport of pro wrestling with the WOOOOO™ yell often heard at major sporting events, on television and in music.

In addition to being one of pro wrestling’s most celebrated athletes, Flair has embarked on numerous highly successful ventures over the years. Prior to joining the MLW Radio Network, Flair and Thompson had a top ranked weekly podcast for CBS’ Play.It.

Additionally, Flair has written a New York Times Best Selling book – Ric Flair: To Be The Man, published by Simon & Schuster. He has also appeared on ABC television and in the popular video game series Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising. ESPN is currently working on a 30 for 30 special on his life.

The MLW Radio Network features podcasts from the likes of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair®, MVP, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, Court Bauer, Mister Saint Laurent, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s TAMA Tonga, ex-head WWE writer Alex Greenfield, wrestling historian Matt Farmer and many others.

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  1. Disgusting how people could post messages pretending to be Heenan. The man has been sick for so long now, why would someone try to tarnish his name? I hope he’s doing alright these days. As for Cody, good for him on landing that role! I’d love to see him back in wrestling though. It would be pretty crazy if him, Ryback, Wade Barrett, and maybe even Damian Sandow were to show up on a live Impact or something. Lord knows that company could certainly use a huge boost right now, and those 4 guys would generate a lot of interest!

  2. I thought it was Bobby Heenan replying to someone about his thoughts on The Undertaker’s Streak being broken but it was someone smh.

  3. Dying to see what happens with Arrow, the Stardust interactions were gold, but obviously that character wouldn’t be usable now. if he plays the same type of hyper jittery loony it’ll be great fun. hopefully they’ll take advantage of his physical talents and have a decent fight scene or two.

  4. Life imitates art…or is this art imitating other art. Well either way it’s great to see Cody landed on his feet after ousting WWE.

  5. How can twitter verify an account then it turned out to be fake? I don’t understand. Anyway, I’m happy for Cody Rhodes. I hope he flourishes in his acting career too.

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