Wrestleview Readers,

We are pleased to introduce another new, fresh look for the website effective July 5, 2016.

As you may have been aware, Wrestleview transitioned to a new look back in April during WrestleMania 32 weekend. Our goal was to introduce a new way to present our daily news, results and feature content and improve our mobile presence to better serve our audience.

Following a series of feedback over the last few months, we determined that it would not be possible to go forward with that same look and began work on a new design that not only improved how we displayed our content on desktop, but on mobile as that is a growing audience for us.

We would like to briefly rundown the different aspects of this new look in hopes of answering any questions you may have.

Desktop –If you are reading this on your mobile phone, we strongly suggest to visit the desktop site from your computer or laptop to see the difference.

Trending Now –This section will featured the five most viewed topics for a 24 hour period.

News The three most important stories of the day will be displayed up top in a grid in this area. Directly below this area will feature the latest 10 headlines for the day. Please note that this section features red arrows on the left side at the bottom enabling you to view the next 10 headlines and so on. We have also grouped our ROH, Japan, Lucha and Independent news directly below this section as well. The right side of our layout will feature the three latest wrestling results archives (again, use the red arrows to continue browsing) and featured articles below that.

Results –We are repeating ourselves. Many people are still confused on where to find RAW or Smackdown results. There are two ways if it’s no longer on the newsboard. On the right sidebar you will notice this week’s results. If you want to view previous results, we have one of the largest archives on the internet. For desktop users, hover over “WWE” at the menu on the top of the page to bring down the menu and select the results you want.

For Mobile users: Select the icon that has 3 lines on the top left to pull down the menu. You can click on the wrestling organization you want and select the option you want.

Mobile –We have made some pretty big upgrades to our mobile presentation. This was one of the most used sections of our prior layout and we worked hard to make the layout easy to navigate providing you with the latest headlines with quick, easy access. Don’t forget to use the icon on the left to access our menu if you need to view a specific section of the website or use the search icon on the right to conduct a quick search of our content.

Advertising –You will notice an advertisement in between posts, and might notice a sticky advertisement at the footer of the page. We had to implement those. If you’re a website owner, you’ll know what I am talking about. The market isn’t good these days.

Note from the owner –You will notice from now on that I will be more involved with Wrestleview (in terms of visibility), both Adam and I will be there to answer questions, comments and suggestions.

Please leave your comments below. Follow me on Twitter @PaulNemer.

Paul Nemer
Owner of Wrestleview.com