Ring of Honor star Moose tweeted the following on Friday in what appears to be his goodbye to the company after spending two years with them.

NOVA Pro Wrestling in Virginia tweeted that Moose, who had been originally scheduled for a live event on August 12, was forced to pull out.

Moose confirmed reports this week that he had been offered a deal from TNA and had yet to officially sign. TNA has TV tapings planned to begin on August 12.

A report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online revealed that his talks with WWE sourced when the company discovered his involvement with a domestic violence allegation stemming from an incident in 2009 that led to him being suspended from the NFL.


  1. 2009? Amazing how far WWE will go to push their feminist point, even though most or a majority of WWE fans are male…Oh I get – They are telling us males “Ah AH…NO! NO hitting girls – Hitting girlsis bad” See we have to be constantly reminded that all men are domestic violence offender in waiting. Thankyou WWE I have never hit or abused any person, including women, but am so glad you put me off it in case I decided to turn in to a brainless gorilla. Now I know! Then again they could just be worried about losing advertising money and re dress it as being wonderful human beings…Who knows…

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