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For their popular YouSHOOT series, Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries actively seek out the most outspoken personalities in the professional wrestling business. They offer them lots of free beer and put them in the hot-seat so they can throw uncensored questions, submitted by the fans, at them for two whole hours! There have been one or two duds over the years, but Kayfabe Commentary usually hits a home run with every DVD they release to the public. I think when KC announced that Sabu would be the subject of their next YouShoot interview, hardcore wrestling fans all over the world got extremely giddy with intense anticipation. Sabu has spent most of his career silent, and it wasn’t until he briefly sold out to the WWE that we actually heard him speak. But now Sabu has no choice but to speak his mind, and fans who have experienced the honesty of his voice know that this interview had the potential to equal the spine-tingling charm of a screaming roller-coaster!

Some of the topics covered during this interview are Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul Heyman (ECW’s booker), Chris Benoit (who broke Sabu’s neck), Taz (and Barely Legal), Sandman (and Sabu taping up his broken jaw), Raven (never wrestling in ECW), hardcore wrestling, the table breaking gimmick, crazy glue on his cuts, barbed wire, passing the torch, dream match (dead or alive), shooting on Stan Hanson, Big Japan hardcore, indy rings that stink, skiing, Sunny days, rat stories, the drug scene in different federations, legalization of marijuana, double-booking ECW & Japan, heat with Taz, John Cena and the sledgehammer, XPW/Rob Black, the Sheik (a whole chapter), ECW’s 1993 invasion of RAW, working for WCW, memories of Chris Candido, talking for the first time in WWE, getting stooged by Kurt Angle, thoughts on Hulk Hogan, wrestling at WrestleMania 23, trying to get fired by WWE, wrestling as Terry Snuka, Hiyabusa in Japan, Barbed Wire Fire Match in 1992 (watch), problems with the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), Terry Funk’s retirement, the Insane Clown Posse, thoughts on Bill Alfonso, road story about Jamie Dundee, the Iron Sheik, thoughts on 9/11, and a whole lot more interesting stuff.

The answers got more interesting and honest as the cans of beer disappeared. My only complaint is that the questions I submitted were apparently lost in cyberspace and not included in the interview. KC director Sean Oliver has been good about using my contributions in the past, so I know that they must have just gotten lost somewhere. C’est la vie.

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