The Evolution of Punk

UFC has released a trailer for the upcoming special “The Evolution of Punk” that focuses on the MMA debut of former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks at UFC 203 in September.

The special will premiere this Monday night (August 15) starting at 9:30 p.m. Eastern (8:30 CT), going head-to-head with WWE RAW on the USA Network.

The official preview for the special reads as follows.

“Pro wrestling star CM Punk brings his unique skills to the UFC. From day one of his training camp to his home life with wife [April Brooks/AJ Lee] to unexpected setbacks, The Evolution of Punk follows the fighter on his journey to the Octagon.”

You can check out the official trailer below courtesy of the UFC.


  1. So here’s my issue….

    He was very vocal about “part timer” The Rock coming to WWE and headlining when there are (in his opinion) more deserving wrestlers.

    Here we have UFC throwing money and promotion at someone who is entirely unproven, while there are (in my opinion) “more deserving fighters”.

  2. Why Mr. McMahon? Is there a “Touched by an Angel” marathon running on the Hallmark Channel on August 15th?

  3. I’m kidding of course. His secretary does his WWE internet mark stuff for him. After all, typing is “Women’s work” in his opinion.

  4. Such as what? Such as more deserving fighters? Such as those who are better fighters than Punk based upon their UFC records so far? Do your own research – it’s not hard to find a laundry list.

    I’m not actually saying anything negative against Punk, all power to him and I’m sure I’d do the same thing if in the same position. But he has to own the hypocrisy here or acknowledge that he now sees why WWE push The Rock every chance they get. It’s a company, an industry. Bums on seats at arenas or buying PPVs is what gives them all a job.

  5. My issue, with your issue is….

    He isn’t a part timer.
    Yes, he is an outsider. But he is an outsider that will being viewership to the product.
    I think he signed like a 9 fight deal or something.
    The money UFC is “Throwing at him” is money he himself is going to bring the company with the added viewership of his fan base to the product. Punk will bring more money to the UFC than UFC will pay him.

    Now, he could certainly quit after one fight if he gets his face beat in.
    He’s not doing it for the money, he’ll never need another dime in his lifetime.
    He wants to try it out, for himself, and UFC is all over it because of the marketability.

  6. I completely agree with everything that you said. And yet must point out that all the positives you extoll about Punk could equally be attributed to The Rock doing a PPV for WWE. Something Punk openly derided (and not just as storyline).


  8. I think the difference here is that Rock was booked to win. You can’t be booked to win in the UFC. They can lead the horse to water, but they can’t stop it from getting TKO’d.

  9. Very valid point, and I acknowledge the difference – but Punk complained about The Rock “taking a slot”.

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