We’ve had even more emails come in regarding original reports about TNA programming beating WWE programming in the UK.

Kevin sent this in: Hey Adam, I just wanted to update you on the status of TNA’s ratings winnings over WWE in UK. Now, to fight back, it appears that WWE have started showing Smackdown on Sky1 on Saturdays at 3pm GMT. This is an improvement as it does not require the Sky Sports package to be ordered. This week, Smackdown on Sky1 went head-to-head with the free Pay-per-view replay of TNA Victory Road 2009. I wonder if it has improved their ratings.

Ashley sent this in: It’s funny with all this talk of TNA beating WWE in the UK, as Smackdown is currently on Sky One (Saturday afternoon 3pm-5pm). For years, Smackdown used to be broadcast on Sky One, along with the recap shows. It was then moved to Sky Sports. This may just be a fluke or time filler for the schedule. However, it might be a sign that Sky/WWE want to bring Smackdown back for non-Sports paying customers.

This last one is my personal favorite.

Barb E. Dangerously sent this in: Jesus Christ. How many pedantic e-mails have you gotten about this UK ratings debate? The next update should be a video of me beating the crap outta these kids. I’d do it for free… or like a footlong at the most. Just pissing-contests over whether the timeslots are good or bad. Yet nobody thought to mention that TNA gets an impressive ad campaign considering it’s wrestling and they only ever advertise the WWE PPVs, even then only the ones that you have to pay for and not the ones they air for free.

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