Global Force Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling announced that the company will be partnering with the 19th annual Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl this December.

GFW will be holding a private event for players, coaches and team officials along with a meet and greet with Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Scott Hall and other talent.

Jarrett added further comment about the unique partnership with wrestling and football.

“Give all of the credit to the folks at the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl. They approached Global Force with the idea of giving the players something different than any other bowl game, and I think it’s a perfect fit. Males 18 to 24 are a huge part of our demographic, and we’ll be as hyped to put on a great show as they will be to see one.”

Regarding the future of GFW, Jarrett informed that he is heading back to Los Angeles to “continue discussions.” GFW had held a series of TV tapings in July, August and October in Las Vegas. While clips of the tapings were distributed through media released by the company, the entire shows have yet to see the light of day.


  1. So still no TV deal. Partnering with this, that, & whoever doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if no one even gets a chance to see GFW on TV. Or streaming.

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