UFC 203 Live Results

CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall is up next at UFC 203 in Cleveland.

Gall came out to “Hey Mickey.” UFC President Dana White had tried to veto that.

Punk walks out to “Cult of Personality.”

CM Punk (0-0) vs. Mickey Gall (2-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)

Round 1: Punk misses a right and Gall shoots on Punk right away. Gall with the takedown. Gall with big shots on Punk. Gall in side control. Gall takes the back of Punk. Punk is holding the gloves of Gall to slow it down. Gall with more bombs. Gall is looking for a rear naked choke. Gall has the back of Punk and is throwing huge shots. Gall has the rear naked choke locked in. Punk is defending well. Gall going for it again. Gall gets the choke. Punk taps.

Winner: Mickey Gall (first round, submission)

Post fight, CM Punk has a long talk with Mickey Gall and congratulates him.

Gall said tonight was a great opportunity for him adding, “I’m not going f*cking anywhere.”

Joe Rogan says CM Punk is a brave man and took a big chance tonight. Punk said in life you go big or go home. He said it doesn’t mean he’s going to stop and give up. “I will be back believe it or not,” added Punk. Punk called tonight the time of his life.


  1. It’s the only wrestling related thing from the show, lol. I could be mistaken, but I think they’ve done this with Lesnar’s fights (and maybe even Lashley’s)

  2. Damn. That was way faster that I was hoping for. The Evolution of CM Punk videos did a really good job of making me think that Punk stood a chance. I would’ve liked to have seen this go at least to the second round.

    But, GG. Punk did it. He stepped into the Octagon. His career starts tonight, and since he lost, he really has nowhere to go but up!

  3. If I’d been in Gall’s camp, I’d have had him step into the cage, kneel down, check his watch, and shout “It’s clobberin’ tiiiiiiiiiiime!” Just to stab a bit, and to take away any impact or pop if Punk himself did it.

  4. Absolutely. For less than two years of real training, and being so much older than his opponent, Punk did well. Hell, he did better than I could imagine doing. Props to Punk– sorry– Props to Phil Brooks, and hopefully the next time he steps into the Octagon he’ll have a vastly improved showing.

  5. I’d root for any other pro wrestler that would step in the octagon and fight. Even Lesnar. But Punk comes across as a dick, he always has. He complained he wasn’t main eventing WrestleMania and so he left. So yes, I will laugh if I want. You apparently love him so that’s good for you.

  6. In his defense, he was the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era, but the only time he was in the main event was when he was wrestling John Cena. To have your boss tell you you’re the top guy in the company but show the world that he thinks someone else is at every opportunity, would get under anyone’s skin.

  7. let me guess you area Cena fan? Punk should have main vented at wM- he was the biggest draw at the time and he was one of the few wrestlers that didn’t have his nose up Vince or Triple H’s ass.


  9. I don’t know where any of this has to do with me being a Cena fan. I didn’t even say I was one. I’m a pro wrestling fan. What you’re doing is trying to find a reason to continue this conversation. Like I said, I laugh cause I want to. Sure, Punk can kick my ass because I don’t train in MMA as a full-time job. But I can laugh when I want to. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one laughing. Again, I laugh because of the way he came across and thought he was so special. People forget that Vince allowed him to be the longest reigning WWE champ in a long time. Just being able to do that is a big deal, so just because he didn’t get to main event WrestleMania, he whined about it and left. He might say he left cause he was tired and on the road all the time, but if Vince told him he was main eventing Mania he would have stayed. He’s a hypocrite in my opinion. Again, if you love him, good for you. I’m done with this conversation.

  10. glad i didnt spend money to see that fight. he just ran right at him and got taken to the ground right after the fight started. i mean it just showed you how liitle trainning punk has when you just run at a pro mma fighter and show no regard to his takedown ability. that and the lack of punk studying gall . gall submitted two other guy prior to punk in the 1st round via rear naked choke, so what does punk do? run straight at him, gets taken to the ground and gets choked out, which is the complete opposite of what he should have done. punk didnt deserve to be in the ufc and tonight just proved that.

  11. Yup He will bounce Back if DANA WHITE can find an easy opponent for PUNK !!!
    IF CM PUNK fight again Nate DIAZ , Robbie Lawler , Carlos Condit, or Tyron Woodley PUNK will be Squash

  12. I didn’t see Punk’s UFC debut tonight so I can’t say whether or not he fought well but he did last to 2:14 of the 1st round before submitting while Lesnar only lasted to 1:30. Lesnar does have the superior MMA background as did his opponent Frank Mir compared to Mickey Gall but my point is Lesnar got better the more experience he got and Punk will/might as well.

  13. you didn’t miss anything lol. thats because punk didn’t actually do anything all he did was lay on the mat curled up against the cage for most of the fight. at least lesnar went out and fought those 1:30 against mir a mma vet none the less in his first ufc fight. punk didn’t. gall is fairly new to the pro mma circuit. if that was mir taken on punk instead mir would ended that fight in 30 seconds. so there is a big diff between a guy like mir and a guy like gall. diff is lesnar was a supeior amature wrestler 2 time nnca champ he didnt need much to correct his mistakes he made against mir the first fight and it showed when he dominated mir the second fight. punk on the other hand has no legit fighting or grappling background and it showed tonight. he went up against a brown belt and got destroyed. i’m sorry but you can’t expect to fight in the ufc with no legit fighting or grappling background and expect to become anything near their level anytime soon it takes many years of trainning to fight at that level which punk will never have because by the time he gets to that level he will be too old to fight in the ufc.

  14. look Brandon you are really being an idiot. You don’t train mMA so you have no room to laugh at anyone. I have all the respect for CM because he pursued his dreams and got in the cage, but idiots like you who sit on their ass and never trained MMA and don’t have the heart to get in cage wants to throw shade at Punk. When you train MMA get your ass into a real fight than you can talk crap. Until then just shut your mouth and comtinue to kiss Cena’s ass.

  15. I don’t understand why you are making this personal. Have you read the other comments on here? Why are you isolating my comment? All I wrote is “He just tapped out. Ha ha.” I have seen other comments on here that have gone way more in depth or some that just are laughing in general.

    Let me tell you something about myself before you decide to make a comment or make assumptions about me. I .ing played collegiate football and I still .ing train everyday. So no I don’t just sit on my ass all day as you may think. .ing prick.

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