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The First Edition Of “Noonan Speaks” On Monday Night Mayhem: Former WWE Head Of Security, Jimmy Noonan, Shoots On Why He Left World Wrestling Entertainment, Discusses Brock Lesnar’s Early WWE Days (Including Being There For The Creation Of The F5, Why He Was There For Brock’s Run-In’s, & Why He Had Contempt For Mostly Everybody Except Kurt Angle), & Why He Sees Brian Kendrick Returning To The WWE


Former WWE Head Of Security & one of the stars of the blockbuster motion picture, turned DVD cult-classic, “Super Troopers,” Jimmy Noonan, of the was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition (08/03/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, &

Get ready Mayhem Nation, as we are proud to welcome Jimmy to the extended Mayhem family, for what will indeed be the talk of the wrestling world (from casual & hardcore fans to those within the offices of all of the major wrestling promotions across the globe). Monday Night Mayhem is proud to present “Noonan Speaks.” Jimmy’s official Mayhem debut (as part of “The Summer Of Mayhem 2009”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast On ITunes:

The premiere of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Streaming Audio):

The premiere of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of the first edition of “Noonan Speaks,” provided by The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:

To officially kick off the month of August, the one & only Jimmy Noonan joined The Big Mosh & Blade for the highly-anticipated debut of “Noonan Speaks,” which is available exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network. After two+ years of silence, Jimmy has agreed to break his silence about all things his time with & in the WWE. “When you (Mosh) & I were talking a couple of weeks ago about possible names for my segment, one of the things I was thinking was ‘Jimmy Noonan Sour Grapes’ or ‘Disgruntled Ex-Employee,’ cause anytime this stuff happens & a guy talks a few years later, it’s always ‘he was a disgruntled ex-employee.’ And that’s not where I’m coming from here. There are going to be things that we talk about, and there will be things that are off-limits here. And we all have an agenda, and it’s time for my agenda: We are gonna tell stories about wrestlers: That’s what I traveled with…That’s what I know. I am not gonna’ talk about families, I’m not gonna talk about drugs, I’m not gonna talk about stories where anybody gets hurt, This is more human interest stuff.”

The question on the minds & hearts of WWE fans across the globe is why is Jimmy speaking out now? “It’s almost two & a half years later, and I’ve got something to say. I’ve been asking for years by magazines, by radio stations, by people in the know what I think. Am I ready to talk? I wasn’t ready….I wasn’t willing…I wasn’t able…It’s not really my thing. But now, I feel like it’s my turn. People forget or don’t even know that before the WWE, I had a very big life: I had acted in over 20 films, I have been on Broadway, I had done all of the top New York City TV shows, guest-starred in ‘Sex & The City,’ I had written my first screen play & sold it to Hollywood, and I was working on four more. I had a personal training business & working security detail with top people (doing executive protection for visiting dignitaries & sports teams). I was thriving in the capital of the world, New York City…I had an apartment to die for.”

One would think that Jimmy was content & had the life that most would love to be able to have and/or experience. However, he was at a crossroads in his life, where he was attempting to begin a world outside of the WWE, which was not a simple transition by any stretch. “I come out of the WWE, and I came out with nothing…I asked for some help, and they wouldn’t give me any help. The answer was, ‘We don’t have to, because it’s not in your contract.’ And now, I got a two-year-old daughter. It’s not like I can look for a job. Here I am traveling back & forth to the west coast & doing my regular thing, so I can’t look for a job. So I hung out, and I got nothing. I come out of WWE…nobody knows me, because I have WWE for seven years. I’ll be honest with you…nobody on the outside of wrestling gives a crap about WWE…They don’t care. Do you know what the percentage of the Planet Earth knows who Stephanie McMahon & Randy Orton are? Nobody knows or cares. And then finally, in June (a couple of months later), and Chris Benoit goes home & kills his family. Here I am, in the middle of that, interviewing with the top companies in New York City, and they looking at me saying ‘You worked with that guy that killed his family?’ After that, I never heard from them again. Things have been a little rough. I lost everything. For all intensive purposes (two & a half years later), I don’t have a lot. I was almost homeless at one point. That’s my story. When you get this low & things happen like this, you get a certain amount of ‘I don’t care.’ That’s dangerous sometimes for a guy in my position, because I know some things, and I’m a pretty smart guy. That’s not a threat in any way…I’m not gonna do it…That’s not who I am, and where I am/will be coming from with Noonan Speaks.’

Former WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, is indeed now the hottest thing in the world of MMA, as he is currently the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Noonan goes way back with Lesnar, all the way back to his pre-WWE days in Ohio Valley Wrestling. “We can’t talk about Brock Lesnar without talking about the OVW ‘Class Of 2002.’ We’re talking about what could be talked about in the future as a ‘Golden Age Of Wrestling.’ Shelton Benjamin, Rico Constantino, Ron ‘H20’ Waterman, Dave Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, & Brock Lesnar. Right around the time I got involved, Brock was doing run-ins & upsetting matches with his mentor Paul Heyman. They would come to me before the show & say ‘Jimmy we’re doing another run-in,’ and I would do the run-in’s with Brock. I would set it up backstage so Brock can get through the crowd & so he wouldn’t hurt anybody.” Noonan said that he was there was Brock established his finishing move, with Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson trying to figure one out, until the F5 was settled on.

Jimmy went on to describe Brock Lesnar: the person, which is the part of Brock that he got to know quite well during his time in the WWE. “Brock had a flair for performance. He could take a small moment in time & make a legendary story. That was the ring performer, but there are stories about Brock & things that I remember on the outside, he was really not a people person at all. When we went through airports, he hated people coming up to him, and we lived in airports. He hated the marks, he hated the autograph seekers.” Noonan continued to say that Brock had complete contempt for the boys…with the exception of Kurt Angle.

The Brian Kendrick was “future endeavored” at the end of last week, amongst rumors of repeated drug test failures & other things that may have contributed to his release. Jimmy was asked if we have seen the last of Kendrick, who is someone that has had several opportunities & chances within World Wrestling Entertainment. “Of course not…Kendrick doesn’t care. He’s an amazing wrestler, he’s an amazing talent, just one of the nicest kids. Kendrick’s just a surfer dude & just whatever will be, will be. He cares, but just goes with the flow. He’s really too talented not to come back. They will find something for him & bring him back just like they did with Shannon Moore.”

Mark your calendars Mayhem Nation…as Jimmy returns to the program on Monday night, August 31st to make some more noise! In the meanwhile, be sure to submit your questions & comments for Jimmy to the MNM/Sizzlin’ Sauces inbox (located at, in addition to The Mayhem’s official MySpace & Facebook pages ( & Jimmy would love to hear some suggestions for future editions of “Noonan Speaks,” including which of your favorite WWE superstars & divas you would like for him to discuss his fondest memories of, as well as his best stories working with throughout his career in World Wrestling Entertainment. Log on to Jimmy’s official Facebook page (located at, and interact with the newest member of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

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