Bret Hart says The Freebirds “never drew any money”, Ken Anderson on still being owed money by TNA

Bret Hart

Bret Hart says The Freebirds “never drew any money”

Alfred Konuwa of is featuring an interview with Bret Hart where he talks about his issues with recent WWE Hall of Fame selections and more specifically The Freebirds.

“I’m never going to take anything away from any of the inductees that they’ve had. But to me, the HOF this year I have a voice of protest as sort of a legendary figure of the industry. I am embarrassed that there’s so many great wrestlers out there that have never been given their credit. Never got their due. Why have they been overlooked when you can induct the Freebirds who never did squat in WWE? Ever. Never drew any money, never did anything. When I remember the Freebirds, they were all drunk and passed out at the gate at one of the airports in my first day in WWF. None of them even made the show that day, they were too drunk to make their plane.”

Ken Anderson on still being owed money by TNA

Chris Featherstone of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show recently spoke with former WWE and TNA star Ken Anderson regarding money still being owed to him by TNA. Anderson provided a sarcastic response when asked about the money issues.

“Man. I don’t know anyone who is owed a lot of money from TNA. Like, mid-five figures. There’s this guy that yells and screams his name a lot. I can’t [figure out] who that guy may be. There was a time when I did not get paid for three months.”

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