Slam Wrestling has an interview up with “Superstar” Billy Graham where he talks about his decision recently to put up his WWE Hall of Fame ring for auction online.

Graham added, “One of the reasons I decided to actually sell the ring was when Vince McMahon made the statement that the Hall of Fame was really just in his head, and a figment in his imagination. He said there would never really be a physical Hall of Fame to honor the wrestlers. On the other side of the coin, Shane McMahon has been saying for years that there will indeed be a building to house these garments and things, to honour the wrestlers.

It was really the callousness and the coldness of Vince saying that there would never be a real Hall of Fame. That drained the emotion and the pride of having a Hall of Fame ring — which was a beautiful ring — especially when it was so cavalier. It was like the Hall of Fame, with the rings, was simply a spur-of-the-moment thing to Vince, and just a way to generate publicity.”

Graham’s Hall of Fame ring sold for a reported $11,500 on eBay. To check out the full interview, click here.

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