Joey Styles

Gabe Sapolsky of EVOLVE Wrestling announced that the promotion has parted ways with former ECW and WWE announcer Joey Styles on Saturday night after comments made by Styles on commentary during EVOLVE 72.

Shortly before the main event, Styles made a statement involving EVOLVE ring announcer Joanna Rose in reference to a comment by Donald Trump back in 2005 that made headlines during the 2016 Presidential Election news cycle in October.

“Joanna, you look great tonight … and if our next President were here tonight he’d want to grab you by the…”

Styles stopped himself from actually finishing the word and saying he could direct said word toward Stokely Hathaway, a manager in EVOLVE.

Sapolosky took to Twitter to apologize about the comments made by Styles on the live iPPV event in Joppa, Maryland and the announced they had parted ways with him.

FloSlam, part of the FloSports Network and now partner with EVOLVE, reiterated the comments by Sapolsky issuing a similar tweet as well.

Styles has yet to officially comment as of early Sunday morning. He was let go by WWE back in August and then began working with a variety of independent wrestling promotions including EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling and CHIKARA.


  1. What a load of bollocks,maybe Gabe Sapolsky should of organised a couple of safe spaces for the fans who might be offended

  2. Wow,I’ve never seen a EVOLVE show (much less wrestling match) but I guess they’re PG if they get offended by something like that. I know this isn’t ECW and Joey Styles can’t say stuff as he would there but they could’ve just suspended or gave him a warning.

  3. America: where saying “grab em by the pussy” makes you fit for the White House, but not to call a professional wrestling show.

    That being said, I wouldve fired him, too.

  4. Well, one thing’s for sure. Our new president definitely respects our right to free speech even if employer’s don’t.

  5. If you read Sapolsky’s twitter, Styles violated specific instructions to all talent to avoid making any comments that could be construed as political. Assuming that’s accurate it would be wrong for him not to take action, though it can still be debated as to the severity of said action.

  6. Freedom of speech was never intended to protect people from their employer’s disciplinary proceedings, nor should it be.

  7. Suspension wouldn’t have worked, my understanding is that Styles’ contracts with the indy promotions he works with are done per event.

  8. This makes me laugh, Joey is too extreme for Evolve! ECW ECW!!! I hope Joey makes the most of this and turns it into an angle, he is the extreme announcer banned from WWE, banned from Evolve, he’s too hardcore for TV JOEY F’N STYLES!

  9. Hold on… Isn’t Evolve linked with WWE in some way? I think so. If it is, with Donald being a close friend of the McMahons… Nuff said!

  10. No one else is saying it so I guess I will.
    OH MY GOD!! (:O

    Seriously though, I see it from both sides. Joey was trying to be edgy through his own political affiliation but employers have the right to demand a certain behavior from their workers. If, like Tre Zen here said, it’s Sapolsky’s policy to avoid all commentary that can be construed as political and Styles knowingly violated that policy, then Sapolsky had the right to do what he did. We may not see it that way but it’s his company. It’s roughly the same as when Abraham Washington made that distasteful comment about Kobe Bryant’s alleged rape for which WWE fired him.

  11. That’s the same thing I was thinking; didn’t Joey Styles get a lot of his notoriety from saying outlandish shit on commentary all the time in ECW?

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