Harmony Jackson of Sunday Night Showdown and “Divas On Demand” sent this in:

Owen Hart Foundation story

Celebrities of the likes of Bill Cosby, Neil Sekada, Bob Newhart, Paul Anka and Howie Mandel have been supporters, but for the 10th Annual Owen Hart Foundation fundraiser Jerry Seinfeld lent his support. This past weekend, Seinfeld along with sponsors CIBC and Calgary BMW helped the Foundation raise over $150,000 for the fund with 2 sold out shows. A select group of attendees got an up close meeting with Seinfeld at a post performance reception attended by Owen’s widow Martha, as well as his two now grown children Oje and Athena.

The Owen Hart Foundation was started in December 2000 after Owen Hart’s death by Martha using some of the proceeds from her settlement with WWE(F at the time). It was designed to help others in his name to give some meaning to his tragic passing. The goal of the foundation is to provide opportunities for hard working people who have limited resources but have unlimited potential. The current projects include the Forrest Lawn Scholarship providing 10 $4000 scholarships for graduating students of Forrest Lawn High School ( a high school in a lower income area of Calgary), and the Owen Hart Housing program. the housing program helps people in low income situations the chance to save up for a down payment on a house. In this, over the course of a year the applicants attend financing counselling, and save $50 to $100 per month with the opportunity to save up at $1200. The Foundation then matches each dollar 4:1, so each dollar they save 4 towards their down payment. The Foundation is also seeking National sponsors so they may be able to open chapters in other Canadian cities.

For more information on the Foundation, how to donate, or see pictures from the fundraisers, please visit http://cobloh.com/ohf/index.html

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