CM Punk was one of the guests interviewed by Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

During the interview, Ariel asked Punk if he plans on fighting again, and Punk answered “yes.”

Will it be in the UFC?

Punk said that he spoke with Dana White and told him that he’s fighting whether it’s for Dana or somebody else. He told Dana he wanted to fight again for the UFC. Dana “floated” him an idea and they are going back and forth. He’s at a point where he wants something on paper and we should be hearing something in the coming weeks. Ariel asked Punk if he thinks Dana was receptive to what Punk had told him about him wanting to fight, whether it’s for him or someone else. Punk said that if Dana wanted to kill that idea, he would have killed it, but you never know. Punk later said that he’s “pretty confident” that his next fight will be in the UFC.