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New York, New York
July 29, 2009

Ken Anderson (formerly “Mr. Kennedy”) has posted unquestionably his most controversial video to date, and this one is a definite “must-see.”

The controversial sports entertainment superstar, whose interplay with the media got him in a bit of hot water has taken himself to task for his mistakes, and it’s quite the spectacle.

In the accompanying blog, which is available EXCLUSIVELY on
THE HEYMAN HUSTLE website, Anderson states:

When “Mr. Kennedy” exploded on the scene in WWE, I was given the opportunity to do media interviews all over the world which can be EXTREMELY intoxicating. You’re living out your dream, making serious money, finally achieving all your goals, and you’re getting the chance to build on the already-intense fame by talking to the media.

“No comment” or “I do not recall” should have been in my vocabulary (Hey, it worked for Ollie North, right?) I admit that I just wasn’t media savvy enough at the time to deal with all that comes with the responsibility of talking to the press. I said some very sophomoric things and that mistake was mine and mine alone, and I have learned from it.

That mistake set in motion a chain of events that allowed my detractors, both inside the company and outside, to jump all over me. I left myself open.

Vince McMahon didn’t screw “Mr. Kennedy.” WWE didn’t screw “Mr. Kennedy.” Ken Anderson screwed “Mr. Kennedy.”

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