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Hentai, Facade, and Vicki Gambino on Mayhem!

Pittsburgh, PA July 29, 2009 ~ This week, the Mayhem Crew welcomes IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai, Michael “The Bomber” Facade, and Vicki Gambino to the show to talk about IWC No Excuses 5 this Saturday in Elizabeth, PA (www.iwcwrestling.com for more information). We talk about Hentai’s latest win in the Super Indy tournament, the new wrestling school, some perspective on the breaking news of long time promotor Norm Connors’ announced retirement, and where we can find all of our guests in the Ohio (PWO, CWE), Pennsylvania (IWC, CZW), and Virginia (IWA Midsouth). We also learn who still hates owls.

The Wrestling Mayhem Show debuted as a podcast on January, 2006, and has amassed over 150 episodes in over 3 years of production. The Wrestling Mayhem Show is an irreverent, no holds barred show, where the hosts discuss and have fun with the world of wrestling, from WWE, TNA and indy organizations. The hosts, Lunchbox, Doc Remedy, Mayhem Missie, and show producer Sorg, are avid fans that genuinely love and respect the business they cover. The Wrestling Mayhem Show has been recognized in speaking at Podcasting events such as Podcamp Pittsburgh in November 2006, August 2007, and October 2008, as well as Bootcamp Pittsburgh in April 2007. Past interviews include such stars as TNA’s Eric Young and former WWE Stars, Brent Albright, and Shawn Daivari, as well as many Indy performers.

The Wrestling Mayhem Show can be heard live on every Tuesday from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time, and later via RSS feed on iTunes, or your favorite podcast provider. All links and information to join the show can be found on www.WrestlingMayhemShow.com. Any inquiries can be sent to goodtimes@wrestlingmayhemshow.com.

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