Cody Rhodes

Gary Kevany sent in the following article.

All Rhodes Lead To Fixing a ‘Broken’ Cork
By: Gary Kevany

Cork, Ireland, may not be the capital of the ‘Emerald Isle’ yet, in recent years, it has transgressed from a County with sparse wrestling resources and appearances to a vibrant haven for wrestling fans with TNA stars Cody Rhodes/Runnells and ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy appearing, a performance from Chris Jericho’s band ‘Fozzy’ complemented by the local promotion Celtic Championship Wrestling going from strength-to-strength under the guidance of Lee Cahalane.

Celtic Championship Wrestling has, and looks to continue to, bring the best talent available to the South-West labeled ‘People’s Republic of Cork’ with stars such as Jody Fleisch, Fabien Aichner and will hold their final event of 2016 this Sunday with The Fight Before Xmas held in the Kino, Washington St., Cork.

Two months ago, October 11, Cody Rhodes appeared for an Inside The Ropes ‘Evening of Smoke and Mirrors’ in Cyprus Avenue, and much like his predecessor for such an event, ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, two months later, tickets were quick to sell out. As the night was what would have been his deceased father ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, tears filled the eyes of the former WWE superstar as he recalled memories of his father during an emotion-filled evening of both uplifting and upsetting memories for the newly aliased “American Nightmare” – an oxymoronic acknowledgement of his recently passed, and much missed, father.

Seeing such an impassioned and welcoming crowd, Rhodes was quick to assert how he felt disappointed that WWE, and indeed all other larger promotions that appear in Ireland, have ignored Cork in favor of Dublin, stating he wished for an appearance from either World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Non-Stop Action or Ring of Honor in a county so filled and so vocal during anything wrestling-related.

Rhodes also recorded a live message thanking his mother for her involvement and support throughout his career and, as was the case for the majority of the evening, it was accompanied by cheers and chants of ‘thank you’ much to the pleasure of Cody. Recalling many, many memories Rhodes evoked his childhood stating he would get picked on and called out often due to his father’s prominence in wrestling.

“I would get in fights quite a lot as a youngster because the older kids would seem to think they could get one up on me and wrestling by beating me up. They had a ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘holier than thou’ attitude and would call me out so I would fight back. When I went home and told my dad, he seemed prouder of me than I would have thought due to getting in fights and was glad I had the courage to stand up for myself,” stated Rhodes.

Rhodes went on to reminisce a comedy show he attended which brought laughter to the crowd, as many of his stories did. “I went to this comedy show a couple of years backand they sit me up front and the comedian looked down at me and while sashaying about, he said ‘I’m Goldust and I’m gay.’ A heckler from the crowd retorted with ‘It’s 2014, we don’t care who’s gay!’ Then, this gay couple near the back stood up and kissed and they got a bigger cheer than any of the comedian’s jokes!” Rhodes stated with a smile.

The night concluded with a photograph and autograph session with Cody who was more than happy to spend time with those who came to see him.

The trend was to continue, albeit two months later, when ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy’s pre-monition of an UK and Ireland Deletion Tour concluded in Cork on December  5th. His ‘broken brilliance’ was on full display from start-to-finish and he remained in character for the majority of the evening with stories that ranged from his brother, The ‘Obsolete Brother Nero’ to his time working for Vince ‘Meekmahon’ to tales of the ‘vessels’ he has inhabited over the past two millennia.

“Much of the memories I can recall and conditions I have suffered are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Much about me is very potent, I love the condition and essence of my soul, I have been around since 719 A.D. so have inhabited many, many vessels,” began Hardy.

When questioned about his period of being afflicted with amnesia, and calling his wife Reby – “Debbie” Hardy laughed and said “That heat went on for days and days, that heat won’t on ever!” However, now that he is “saner than ever, [his] broken brilliance is more brilliant than ever.”

Matt told stories of his role in the inception and implementation of the famed Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches which are remembered with great fondness by both those who appeared in them and witnessed them.

Hardy had a $5,000 fine for every time the Inside The Ropes MC mentioned the name Brother Nero had been christened. “The name ‘J.E.F.F.” is hard not to say but it does not exist anymore, it is Brother Nero, you were thirty grand in the hole tonight and 5,000 of your euro are worth more than our American dollars.”

Recollecting when he and Brother Nero were in the WWE and paired with Michael P.S. Hayes prior to their debut as The Hardy Boyz, Hardy spoke of when they went to Hot Pocket. “We got black Kik-wear pants and black tight tops and brought them out to show Michael. We assumed he’d be wearing his usual attire, however, when he say us he said ‘Hell Yeah! That looks good, you guys got my size in it because I need a 48 in waist and an extra large in top. We went to the dressing room with our pants low, he came out with his pants up to his nipples and said ‘what you think fellas, this look good?’ I think his vessel may have had some issues, but he was a big help to us in our careers.”

Hardy, as is the norm for these sorts of shows, also gladly posed for photo opportunities and to sign pictures and memorabilia for his legion of his fans. He too, concluded with praise for Cork.

“I’ve had such a great time here, I’d like to come back here next year and hopefully bring Brother Nero too!” finished Hardy.

If that’s not a testament to the work done by Inside the Ropes, CCW and Cork, nothing is.