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New Jack, Southern Justice & Kashanna on 7/28 TTRS
Last week we had on Adrian Bliss. Check him out in the archives.
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New Jack
An ECW original and as unpredictable out of the ring as he is in the ring. He always has something to say and something controversial going on. This week we bring him back and let him have the floor to say what he has to say.

Kashana Evans Shaman
She is a supermodel and actress. This week we bring her on to talk about how the business is evolving and how she got started in her business. We will talk about upcoming appearances and projects too.

Southern Justice
He is 14 years in the business making his own laws throughout the Indy Scene. He has his own form of judge & jury. Thiis week he comes on to talk about his time in the business as well as to talk about the return of DWF and Loco Wrestling.


Barb Powell – Psychic/Paranormal Investigator


Jake Davis

Jim Florentine – Crank Yankers

Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)
John MacAluso – TNT, Riot, Ark Drummer
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