Cabana on Total Extreme Comedy tour

Marc Kruskol passed on an interview by IGN featuring Ring of Honor star Colt Cabana focusing on the “Total Extreme Comedy” tour featuring Cabana, Mick Foley and Bruce Prichard.

“I think wrestling and a comedy room are similar in the fact that people, when they go to a match or go to a comedy club, they want to see people that they recognize. And so they get to see people other than me too. They go to see people that they’re fans of. So we’ve got other guys on the show too for wrestling fans. They’re not necessarily better than me, but they’re different so you get a variety. It’s also the same because people pay to see it and it can’t be something that people see every day. You have to give them something that’s worth them spending their hard earned money.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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