CM Punk

FOX Sports is featuring an interview with current UFC fighter and former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks where he is asked about a return to MMA in 2017.

Punk, who debuted at UFC 203 last September in a losing effort against Mickey Gall, revealed he has been throwing “names and opponents” at UFC President Dana White.

The former WWE star said he remains committed to continuing his mixed martial arts career and plans to keep on fighting even if it doesn’t happen again in the UFC.

You can check out the full interview below courtesy of FOX Sports.


  1. I think we were all sort of hoping he would get knocked the . out, and tuned in for that his first fight. Now that it’s been shown he has no chance no one will care.

    He seems to have put wrestling in his past, which is fine. But all I gave a shit about was him as a wrestler, so now I can basically ignore everything he does.

  2. Yeah true. People only cared to see if he would get knocked out…. which happened….. if he’s ego wasn’t too far shoved up his arse people would actually care lol

  3. Lose or lose I’m interested – I’ll watch one more and I think other’s will because if he managed a win it’s an underdog story and if he loses it’ll be his last UFC fight. I think Dana will give him money as there is money involved. Punk may have a wrestling ego but it certainly hasn’t had an MMA ego and said from the jump, win or lose I want to try this. Some may say his ego wasn’t big enough for MMA as he was just happy to be involved and perhaps wasn’t hungry (or skilled) enough. So I disagree that he showed an ego in relation to his MMA endeavour but did with wrestling. If Dana gives him one more shot I believe that demonstrates people want to see it as Dana typically knows whether he’ll get enough eyes to recoup an investment.

    That all said, my guess is he’ll get one more UFC shot and I expect he’ll lose but even if he wins I think it’s bad overall for UFC moral in terms of how other fighters feel about it!

  4. It sounds like the reason he still wants to continue doing MMA is becos of his massive ego.
    He wants to shut the doubters, including myself, who said that he will be crushed in the octagon…. and he did!
    Fact of the matter is people train for this shit for years to step inside the cage…
    No disrespect but what MMA background does Punk possess? BJJ white belt?

    However if Dana White really gives him another shot, it will be only becos if he can still sell seats… But judging from his 1st stint and the reactions from the other fighters, I don’t think its gonna happen any time soon.

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