Harmony Jackson sent this in:

Jimmy Hart has tagged teamed with the youngest powerball winner Jonathan Vargas to launch Wrestlicious this fall on a television set near you. When Vargas won the 35.5 million dollar lottery in March of 2008, he wanted to fulfill a life long dream of being a part of the wrestling business. It seems surreal to him that Hart, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Brain Knobbs, all whom he looked up to, are a part of Wrestlicious.

Vargas will also be a regular on the show Hart says is an entertainment show with comedy and pretty ladies, as JV Rich, rapper and owner of Wrestlicious, as well as JV’s Cribs.

Wrestlicious girls will include 3rd generation Lacy Von Erich, Lizzy Valentine, Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, TNA’s Daffney and Becky Bayless. Womenswrestlingxposed.com also has reported that former WWE talent Lena Yada is rumored to be currently in negotiations with the promotion which will debut on TV this fall.

For more information please listen to the Diva’s on Demand archive right here on wrestleview from this past Sunday when we will discuss this more, check out their website at wrestlicious.com and until then, watch this clip to get an idea of what this “GLOW/Madtv/reality” type of new show will be all about!

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