The third edition of the “WrestleView Spotlight” was presented live this past Sunday night (July 12) and is now available for archive featuring an interview with former WWE star and now MMA fighter Bobby Lashley.

This new “WrestleView Spotlight” interview was conducted by’s Editor in Chief Adam Martin.

Some of the topics discussed in the interview includes:

* Bobby Lashley’s first post-fight comments after beating Bob Sapp.
* If he considered Bob Sapp to be his biggest test so far.
* What his plans are next for his MMA career.
* What other fight promotions he is open to working for.
* His reaction to negative comments by UFC President Dana White.
* Why some MMA fans will never take him seriously.
* If his past in pro wrestling will hurt his credibility in MMA.
* His debut for TNA back in April at the Lockdown PPV.
* What his current status is with TNA and if he plans to return.
* His thoughts on the negative reaction to him showing up in TNA.
* If he still plans to balance a career in MMA and pro wrestling.
* What it is like to go from a pro wrestling match to an MMA fight.
* What he thought about WWE releasing Mr. Kennedy.
* Plus much more!

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Last month’s “WrestleView Spotlight” featured an interview with the legendary Tully Blanchard for the month of June, while the first edition featured an interview with former TNA and WWE star Chris Harris (Braden Walker) for the month of May. A new “Spotlight” is presented every month exclusively for VIP members.

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