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The Midnight Express Discuss Their Chances At The WWE Hall Of Fame, The Celebration Of Their 25th Anniversary, & The Forthcoming LegendsMania Convention In Atlanta


Former NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Midnight Express, were the special guests on this week’s live edition (03/01/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 7PM ET/6PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,,,, &

Two of the most decorated tag team performers in professional wrestling history, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton & “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey”, joined The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network for their second-ever appearance on the airwaves of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.” Bobby & Dennis joined The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent for an exclusive interview to promote the forthcoming “LegendsMania,” the largest convention to ever hit the southeast: being held next weekend (March 12th/13th) at The Sheraton Gateway in Atlanta, GA. Before you have the chance to meet Bobby & Dennis in person (along with the legendary manager, Jim Cornette), hear The Midnight Express right again on The Mayhem, now available in Windows Streaming Media or via Monday Night Mayhem’s official Podcast on ITunes:

The Midnight Express/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio):
The Midnight Express/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Interview highlights courtesy of The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:
What It’s Like To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Midnight Express & returning to Atlanta, one of the stomping grounds of the original NWA & the former home base of WCW: “Every time we get together, we always have a good time, and we always meet all the fans. I just look forward doing these things…I like them.” (Bobby)

The longevity of The Midnight Express & staying together in an age where tag team wrestling is pushed to the back-burner & almost forgotten about: “It’s kinda scary to be honest with you, because when we got back together in 2004, we were just gonna do one show here & one show there, and I said that’s great. That didn’t last very long, and it started turning into once a week, which turned into twice a week, and sometimes we were two or three times a weekend. I really enjoy being back with these guys; we always had a great time together, and we still do. We sit around, and reminiscence, and talk about the fans & some of the things we did. I really enjoy them now like I did then.” (Dennis)

“It’s been great. Some of the fans don’t realize that we got together, we were getting a push, and we were beating people up…and getting heat on us. And we had to watch each other’s back. We’ve been in fights, I know I’ve been in fights a couple of times after the match, and you become close after that. There’s just a closeness when you have to depend on each other to maybe save your life sometimes when they are putting heat on you as a heel.” (Bobby)

The likelihood/chances of The Midnight Express being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, with names never competing in a WWE ring now receiving this high accolade over the recent years: “Me personally, I don’t know if we’ll ever get that call, and if we do, that’s great, and if we don’t, that’s ok too. We went into the Hall Of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia last year, and that’s the one we really wanted (the NWA/WCW one), so if we get anymore, that’s fine, but if we don’t. I could live with it myself “We never worked there; we never worked for Vince. We had a couple of opportunities too, but we didn’t, but if it happens, that’s great. If it don’t, I’m fine.” (Dennis & Bobby)

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Midnight Express in the ultimate tag team “fantasy” match: “They are a great team, but the thing about it is their style is so much different than ours, but we could adapt to theirs. I know I couldn’t do those ladder matches. I enjoy watching, but I could never have a match like that. I could never straight, and boom…boom…boom without grabbing a hold or doing something and try to tell some kind of a story. They are exciting, and that’s what the people want to see now.” (Bobby)

“They are great. Not only just great workers, they’re great in the ring & great athletes. I agree with Bobby…they would be a handful, but the thing about it is that it’s just not going out there and jumping off ladders & bumping; you gotta tell a story. Somewhere during that match, you gotta get a hold or two and tell a story. If you just go out there and bump, bump, bump…the bumps don’t mean nothing.” (Dennis)

More is contained in this interview with one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling industry, including Bobby & Dennis’ respective thoughts/comments on which match they classify as the best ever against their legendary foes, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (along with their favorite non-Rock ‘n’ Roll Express matches), their keys to being one of the best teams in history & lasting the test of time, & all of the details on the night The Mayhem & The Midnight Express first “broke bread” back in Kokomo, IN at the ill-fated infamous “Dream Reunion II” convention. Log onto for all of the details on the largest legends convention to ever hit the southeast, the lineup of guests slated to be a part of the weekend’s festivities, & how you can purchase tickets for the event that is “to the fans, for the fans, & by the fans.” And be sure to purchase The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook, now available at

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