Yahoo Sports and are featuring quotes from UFC President Dana White at last night’s post-UFC 100 press conference who said he was upset at the antics of UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar after his win over Frank Mir in the main event.

After the fight during an interview with Joe Rogan, Lesnar flipped off the crowd in Las Vegas and encouraged them to boo him more in what many described as a promo right out of WWE. Lesnar also trashed Bud Light, one of UFC’s top sponsors that paid an estimated $3 million for the fight, adding quote, “I?m drinking a cooler full of Coors Light, Coors Light because Bud Light won?t pay me anything.”

Dana White added, “Straight WWE. Brock went so far over the top tonight I can?t even describe it. I don?t think in the history of the UFC we?ve ever done anything like that. With women in here you don’t want to know what I said [to Brock after the fight.] What he’s doing out there tonight is not real. You don’t have to act like something you’re not. This isn’t the WWE. I don’t ask these guys to act crazy so we get more pay per views. That’s not the business I’m in. Brock hasn’t made himself very loveable. They hate Brock.”

Lesnar ended up apologizing later at the press conference (along with a Bud Light in front of him) in a clip you can view below:

Despite many within UFC not being overly happy with the way Lesnar handled himself, others from the world of professional wrestling supported his post-fight antics. Chris Kelly passed on the following comments of various WWE and TNA talent from Twitter.

Jeremy Borash: ?Brock is a strong heel. Take it from yours truly… Minnesotans are tough. Might try some MMA. I could destroy that nerdy Bruce Buffer.?

Matt Hardy: “Yeah Brock! Reppin’ the toughness of “WWE” guys by making Mir & the non-believers eat their words! We popped HUGE 4 your post fight promo!”

Matt Morgan: ?God, I wanna punch every mma fan in here right now!! To all Lesnsr haters: suck on that! Mir ran his mouth, Brock shut him up.?

Bobby Lashley: ?WWE star Brock Lesnar won by brutual ground and pound!?

Samoa Joe: ?I just made so much money Two minutes ago it hurts. There you go Brock baby way to bring it home.?

Shane ?Hurricane? Helms: “Mir, what do you think of Pro Wrestlers now after getting your ass handed to you and getting beat in a completely one-sided fight!”

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