Matt and Jeff Hardy

Matt and Jeff Hardy reincarnate TNA titles

Matt and Jeff Hardy have posted a video on YouTube displaying a reincarnation of the now “obsolete” TNA Tag Team Championships. Impact Wrestling has already moved forward with a new storyline to crown new tag team champions in the coming weeks.

Heyman on WrestleMania week

Paul Heyman has once again teamed up with to produce content during WrestleMania week. His latest offering focuses on independent wrestling promotions running events in the surrounding areas where WrestleMania takes place and why his initial advice to Gabe Sapolsky has changed over the years.

“A few years ago, my protégé Gabe Sapolsky, whose stellar work in discovering and developing great talent cannot be overstated, called me in the middle of the night and asked, ‘What do you think about me putting on a show during WrestleMania week?’ My answer, at the time, caught him off guard. ‘I wouldn’t do it,’ I cautioned my prize pupil from my days as the owner and creative head of ECW. ‘It’s WWE’s week. Unless you can steal the audience away, or draw a bigger house (sell more tickets, generate more revenue at the box office), you’re just riding WWE’s coattails, exploiting their week, and even if your show is infinitely better, you can’t be perceived as being any better than second place. Why ever be number two, especially in direct competition?’ I am of the opinion we are quickly approaching the over-saturation point, and the fight for the elusive expendable dollar will intensify, weeding out those whose product doesn’t stand up against the others. There’s only so many events one can attend, only so many T-shirts you can bring back home. So which events do I recommend or endorse this week? Whichever ones entice you to spend your money, allocate your time, warrant your participation.”


  1. around the 36 second mark it says f*ck that owl really quick but I do like they made there own tag titles they can take any place

  2. Paul Heyman everyone. The rebellious founder of ECW who used to say “F*ck the big 2.” Now the ass-kissing, brown-noser says his boss Vince has the best product so don’t even try to compete. Great advice Paul E. Dicksucker. Don’t be jealous that Gabe Sapolsky is the new & better innovator of pro wrestling who’s striving to keep competition alive and is a more successful rebel than you ever were now that you’re only income is feeding off the scraps from Vince’s & Brock’s tables.

    …you can’t be perceived as being any better than second place HAHAHAHAH!! =D
    …you’re just riding WWE’s coattails HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! XD
    Says the 2 faced, ass-kissing, whipped little chihuahua who couldn’t even keep his own promotion going longer than TNA did and now makes his living as a rider of coattails. Stay with your day job Heyman because you have no future as a motivational speaker.

  3. Thank you my good man if my 2 year old didn’t say something to get my attention I would of probably missed it I was trying to get a better look at the belts and with all the craziness at that point could of missed it easy

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