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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for July 9, 2009

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All IWS DVDs from 2007 or older are now just $15.
All Chikara DVDs from 2007 or older are now just $15.
All IWA-MS DVDs from 2007 or older have been reduced 25%.
ALL C4 DVDs are now just $15.

Necro Butcher DVD “Choose Death…Inside The Mind Of A Wrestling Madman $15.00
For 10 years he has been known as the most insane wrestler in the world of wrestling.

Too violent for mainstream wrestling companies like the WWE, the man known as Necro Butcher has toiled in the more underground leagues throughout the world shedding both his blood and that of others throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe. His battles are legendary and no other individual has ever been awarded more “King of the Deathmatch” titles. Content to live in the shadows, loved by wrestling fans, but ignored by the mainstream media, Necro has honed his craft. But the world is about to know the Butcher a whole lot better.

In the most shocking scene in the critically acclaimed film The Wrestler from 2008, in a role written specifically with him in mind, Necro battles lead Mickey Rourke in the same type of match he’s become famour for, a Barbed Wire Deathmatch. It was a performance so powerful it inspired a shout out of “Necro Butcher” from James Franco on the world’s biggest movie award show. For Rourke it was a one time movie role. But for the man known as Necro Butcher, this is a common day in a not so common profession.

What is it that takes a humble, 24 year old from Morgantown, West Virginia named Dylan Summers and turns him into THE NECRO BUTCHER? What makes a man spend 10 years wrestling barefoot on thumbtacks, being thrown into barbed wire, and chomping on fluorescent light bulbs?

This two disc set contains the first ever interview with the legendary wrestler, plus over 4 hours of his most shocking, insane, too violent for TV matches!
Barbed Wire Rope Match
200 Light Tubes Match
Taipei Death Match
Ultraviolent Underground Cage Deathmatch
Fans Bring The Weapons Matches
Featuring Matches against: Samoa Joe, Ian Rotten, Low Ki, Mad Man Pondo, Corp. Robinson, Zandig, Toby Klein, LuFisto, & more.

IWA East Coast DVD June 24, 2009 “Pondo’s Big Ass Birthday Bash” – Charleston, WV $20.00
1. Zac Vincent vs. Egotistico Fantastico
2. Warpig vs. Jonzie Bishop
3. Day Brothers vs. The Suburban Terrorists
4. Murder Junkies vs. Viper & Drake Younger
5. Jason Kincaid vs. Billy Lint
6. Tracy Smothers vs. Oderus Urungus of GWAR
7. Roderick Strong vs. Eric Darkstorm
8. Necro Butcher vs. Jon Moxley
9. Lit Candles & Weapons Birthday Deathmatch: Madman Pondo vs. Sami Callihan

IWA-MS DVD June 19 & 20, 2009 “Tryout Show #3 & Summer Scorcher 2009” – Bellevue, IL $20.00
This IWA-MS DVD release features 2 complete shows.
IWA-MS DVD June 19, 2009 “Tryout Show #3” – Bellevue, IL
1. Machine vs. Zane Ramsey
2. Cole James vs. Cash Cavins w/ The Coach
3. Izzy Puffnstuff vs. Marcus Murder w/ Troby Arse
4. Team Dragon Fire vs. Abuse of Power
5. Mike Jablonski w/ Ace Nick White vs. Mr. Pure Wrestling Toby Farley
6. “Samoan War Machine” Johnny Tafoyo vs. Chief Atta Kulla Kulla w/ Axl Grease
7. Cory Cadrick vs. Aiden Blackheart
8. “The Thoroughbred” Chris Lee vs. Dylan Bostic
9. Tommy Williams vs. Khan and The Uncle
10. Shawn Vincent w/ Magic Man vs. Charles Colton
11. Adam Jones vs. Kevin Marshall
12. Mr. Famous vs. Rusty Graft
13. Dan the Man, Petey Clark, Jeremy Travis & Jason Collins vs. Coach Havens, Matt Cage, “Magnum” Shane Smalls & Dixieland Destroyer
14. Kiwi Jello vs. KB Chaser w/ The Dog
15. Nick Vickers vs. Russ Stevens w/ Tank Thurman
16. “Apex of Appeal” Blake Steele vs. Guy Smith
17. “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas vs. “Mr. Amplified” Cameron Jacobs

IWA-MS DVD June 20, 2009 “Summer Scorcher 2009” – Bellevue, IL
1. Ryan Phoenix vs. xOMGx
2. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Sal Thomaselli
3. Mickie Knuckles vs. Dymond
4. Hunter Matthews vs. Krotch
5. Shane Hollister vs. Juice Robinson vs. Trik Davis
6. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
7. Keith Walker vs. Drake Younger
8. The Hooligans vs. Da Soul Touchaz
9. Dingo vs. Ian Rotten

IWA Deep South February 28, 2009 “Southern Classic Invitational – Night 2” – Calera, AL $15.00
1. Sabian vs. Chip Day vs. Ace Rockwell
2. Soldier Ant vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Michael Elgin
3. Dingo vs. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Jeremy Flynt
4. Sabian vs. Soldier Ant
5. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Chip Day
6. Dingo vs. Michael Elgin
7. TLC Match : Sabian vs. Michael Elgin vs. Chrisjen Hayme
8. Shaun Tempers and Jeff Brooks vs. Jesse Emerson and Andrew Alexander
9. Tracy Smothers and Ultimate Dragon vs. “Action” Mike Jackson and Eddie Osbourne
10. Barbed Wire Massacre: Devon Moore vs. Corey Shaddix

IWA Deep South February 27, 2009 “Southern Classic Invitational – Night 1” – Sylacauga, AL $15.00
1. Drew Gulak vs. Jeremy Flynt
2. Michael Elgin vs. Devon Moore
3. Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Slaughter
4. Ace Rockwell vs. Andrew Alexander
5. Chip Day vs. Kyle Matthews
6. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Jesse Emerson
7. Dingo vs. Shaun Tempers
8. Soldier Ant vs. Jeff Brooks
9. Sabian vs. Corey Shaddix
10. Tracy Smothers vs. Eddie Osbourne

CZW – July 11 – Philadelphia, PA
Chikara – July 31 – Reading, PA


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