Due to the overwhelming amount of news and results sent to us on a daily basis, from this point forward we will no longer be issuing replies to all emails when content is posted on the WrestleView.com newsboard.

While we have taken it upon ourselves to respond in years past to each and every person who has sent us any kind of a news item, results, etc., we simply cannot do so anymore with the large amount coming in every day.

This rule already went into play two months ago for those of you who send us independent wrestling related items. The rule will now also apply to anyone who sends us items from this day forward.

Again, this means we will still post every item sent to us, but will not be issuing email responses with links to the item posted on our newsboard. This does not mean we will be ignoring any items sent to us in the future.

We appreciate everyone who visits WrestleView.com on a daily basis and has helped the website grow to new heights in the last few years.

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