Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:


The leading producer of high-end shoot style DVDs and the reigning online encyclopedia of wrestling’s territory system have formed a tag team, so to speak. Kayfabe Commentaries and Kayfabe Memories will be sharing space on each other’s sites.

Kayfabe Commentaries will be linking selections in their catalogue to relevant entries on Kayfabe Memories, and Kayfabe Commentaries have launched their own catagory on the venerable Kayfabe Memories message boards, complete with forums hosted by KC stars. The first two celebrity forums which have gone live are “The JJ Dillon Forum,” hosted by JJ himself and “The Gary Hart Forum” hosted by the late Gary ‘s son Jason Hart.

“This is phase one of what we hope will be a lasting, growing relationship,” Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver said. “Kayfabe Memories is a valuable, historical collection which is consistent with the identity of our site. Plus, our exclusive spot on their message board will allow fans to communicate directly with our participating stars and also allow fans access to us in the company as well.”

“After years of site confusion, Kayfabe Memories and Kayfabe Commentaries decided to muddy the waters some more? ” stated Vince Fahey , owner of Kayfabe Memories. “We?ve teamed up to provide yet one more enjoyable aspect to our two sites. For KM, in addition to assisting in the offering of some truly innovative DVDs that flip the ‘shoot interview? concept on its head, some special guests will be added to the KM message board. KC in turn, will gain the ability to interact and promote their releases via the popular KM site and message board. After several months of talking, I?m excited to work with Sean Oliver and crew at Kayfabe Commentaries to make both sites more beneficial and enjoyable for all our visitor.?

On select Kayfabe Commentaries pages, there will be a direct link to an in-depth article on Kayfabe Memories site pertaining to the subject of the KC title being advertised. “We always wanted to offer some historical writings to accompany our ads and trailers for some of our titles,” Oliver said. “Now we can get them right from the source and offer them to our customers.”

The links and message board forums have gone live on www.kayfabecommentaries.com and www.kayfabememories.com.