Past editions of the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” on ESPN Radio 1400 will now be exclusively available in the all new VIP area that launched on Friday, May 1.

All future editions of the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” will remain free and available on for 48 hours and will then be removed and only available for VIP members.

The latest edition of the popular “Pro Wrestling Rewind” radio show now on ESPN Radio 1400 (1400 AM) featuring host “The Power” Andy Knowles is now streaming and online for your listening pleasure.

Taking place this past Sunday (June 28), host “The Power” Andy Knowles returns with a new edition of the Rewind and is joined by Sunday Night Showdown host JJ Sexay. On the show, Andy and JJ discuss last Sunday’s TNA Slammiversary 7 PPV, this past Thursday night’s edition of TNA Impact, thoughts on WWE dropping the Donald Trump angle just one week later, Andy’s thoughts on the Nancy Benoit/Hustler court battle and much more!

Streaming link: Click here to listen to the show (.mp3 version) has been the official news source for the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” for quite some time now and we are excited to continue this great partnership with Andy Knowles.

To check out the Rewind mini-site, click here or be sure to visit every Sunday!