Goldberg UK tour kicks off this Monday

Inside the Ropes passed along this promo regarding Goldberg taking part in a UK tour starting this Monday in Glasgow (June 26), June 27 in Manchester and July 2 in London.

You can check out the promo below.

Details on Bram injury

Nick “Magnus” Aldis noted on Twitter that Impact Wrestling star Bram recently suffered an injury this weekend at a wrestling live event in Rome, Italy.

Aldis did not reveal what the injury was, but did say Bram was “badly injured” and that it required him having to undergo surgery as a result.

You can check out his full statement below.


  1. check out goldies title win against hogan, around 20 seconds, highest ratings for a wrestling show barring the owen hart episode.

  2. That was also nearly 20 years ago. Goldberg isn’t the same wrestler he was then and neither is the wrestling industry as a whole. You might also want to double check the match time there. That match at the Georgia Dome actually went over 8 minutes.

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