The World According to Dutch Presents His First Ever Video Blog featuring Randy Macho Man Savage, King Jerry Lawler and another guy who gets hit in the head with a chair shot from HELL!

Dirty Dutch has released his newest blogbut with a new twist…it’s Dutch’s personal video blog with some great YouTube videos that most people haven’t seen and Dutch explains the story behind each one of them.

The videos feature clips from the famous feuds Dutch has had with Randy “Macho Man’ Savage, Jerry the King Lawler and a CHAIR SHOT FROM HELL that Dutch delivers to the Snowman on LIVE Mid South TV with Jim Ross calling the action. Dutch wrote about all these events in his book, The World According to Dutch, and now they all come alive once again. Great read and a great visual look at how wrestling was conducted in the earlier days with original commentary by the legends, Jim Ross and Lance Russell. Highly entertaining read. Check it all out at

Dutch is also scheduling his next seminar for up and coming wresters on March 20th and will be appearing in Atlanta March 12th and 13th at the Legendsmania Wrestling Fans Convention. Interested parties email