Casey Carnage sent this in:

On this week’s installment, the ?Carnage Crew? ( promises to be as hard hitting and informative as you have come to expect.

Roxxi Leveaux (Nikki Roxx) will be first on the docket. The former TNA Knockout will be joining us to speak of her past in the company, and what exactly the future holds for her.

Gabriel Ramirez has been dubbed ?The best promoter in the country? by NWA’s David Marquez. This week, we will speak with Ramirez, and find out what makes himself, and Pro Wrestling Revolution, tick.

Extreme Rules is upon us. ?Pretty Boy? Doug Somers will be joining Carnage Crew in predicting what could be one W.W.E.’s wildest P.P.V.s of the year.

Also this week, Casey will discuss a little news on upcoming guests, U.C.W., and Wrestlers Rescue, Nate Stein will hit us with the latest news, and Rick will be, well, Rick.

So join us tonight, and every Tuesday night, at 9pm EST at and feel free to hop into the chat room to let your voice be heard!