Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:


Two words Terry Funk…Bang Bang! Today Kayfabe Commentaries and Legends of the Ring have announced a couple of additional names who will be participating in the comedy roast of Terry Funk at Ring Roasts 2 on October 23. Monoe, NJ will be the site of the gala event which will now feature the offerings of both Mick Foley and Mike Graham.

Foley and Funk will forever be linked, having found a kinship in each other through their penchant for pain and dangerous, hardcore stylings. Their unlikely friendship was chronicled in the popular documentary “Beyond the Mat” and has become something of wrestling legend. No roast of Terry Funk would be complete without a set by Mick Foley.

Also announced today was the addition of Florida Championship Wrestling legend Mike Graham. Graham and Funk have a history extending to the NWA days and Graham will be ready to skewer the hardcore legend in the Roast tradition on October 23.

“These names are a great score for Ring Roasts,” says Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver. “Mick and Terry have become a demented duo in the minds of wrestling fans. Their trail of bloodshed extends from Japan, right across to the US and coarsed into the veins of hardcore wrestling junkies all over the world,” Oliver says. “Of course, Mick had shown talents far beyond the aforementioned, and we’re thrilled he wants to be a part of Terry’s night. We’ll see what kind of shape Funk’s in afterwards.”

And regarding Mike Graham, Oliver says that having him on the dais with Terry brings NWA history right to the event. “The NWA legacy is something that never should be diluted, and since the WCW was assumed into the WWE machine, there is always a chance of that happening. But having two guys like Mike and Terry in the same room keep the tradition alive. The road stories alone that could be unveiled in Mike’s set is enough to justify the event.”

Previously announced talent include Roastmaster Bill Apter, New Jack, Kevin Sullivan, Tammy Sytch, comedian Ryan Maher, and Dennis Stamp. Tickets are onsale at www.ringroasts.com and include a limited number of VIP meet and greet packages.