James Lacerenza sent this in:

Here’s the latest. 2 of the 4 shirts sold. One went for $56.00, another went for the ungodly price of $8.50. The other two shirts would have sold for a total of $175; however, the two individuals did not pay for the item, one person did not even respond upon conclusion of the auction. I opened a dispute with eBay and gave each of them over a week to respond and pay for the shirts. The lesson I have learned is that unfortunately, even in crappy economic times, there are scam artists out there. For all future auctions, I’m going to put some eBay safeguards in place on who can bid. Furthermore, given the economic climate, I think it is wise to hold on to the remaining shirts until conditions improve.

For my friends who have a business, I did just open another auction, with eBay safeguards in place, to send one child to camp in exchange for free advertising for a year on my website and other avenues of media.


Furthermore, I look forward to the radiothon the camp is having on Father’s Day Weekend on WSTC/WNLK here in CT; you can listen online at http://www.wstcwnlk.com starting at 6 PM EST Friday, June 19th, and concluding at noon EST on Sunday the 21st. I have reached out to Ric’s agent, Elaine Gillespie, to see if Ric, or Mick Foley would like to come on. I also sent a fax to the McMahon family. I don’t want to falsely advertise their being involved; as of now, they are NOT. The only confirmed guest is my friend, 70’s musical icon Tony Orlando. We are in discussions with others. Those who would like more info on the radiothon should stay tuned to http://www.mdactkids.org, and if anyone from WWE, TNA or ROH gets involved, I will pass the news along once they are confirmed.

Stay tuned!

Sincere thanks,
James Lacerenza
MDA Supervisor / Volunteer, Hawthorne, NY Office